Ted the lonely Neighbor


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We (both 28) just moved into some townhomes, in the city of LA. With the new move in my biggest fear was having rude or Karen like next door neighbors, but luckily on our right we have an older gentleman (65) and on the left we have a couple around the same age as us which both came over to introduce themselves. We’ll call the older gentleman Ted. When Ted came over it to introduce himself, he couldn’t even keep eye contact with me just back and fourth with my hubbys eyes and my nips (which kinda turned me on) since I never wear a bra around the house. He went on that he lost his wife a couple years back and that he has been lonely ever since, has no social life so he was excited to meet us. (Which to be honest completely broke me as well, felt sorry for him)
As time went by he would at all times wave or just stare from the top window down while I was at all times picking up the yard or grabbing the mail, so one day I had the bright idea to wear some booty shorts out. He had his eyes locked on me the whole time from the window. My hubby noticed and was a bit turned on by the scene, so he suggested that I go to the top stairs room and play with my self on the bed with the blinds open give him a lil show. Let me tell you Ted wasted no time fully opened his blind and dropped his plants and started masturbating the adrenaline alone from that made me cum.

NSFW: yes

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