Teaching the fam

So when I was a teenager my uncle n I were all the time doing fun stuff. One time I went camping with him and on the set up being done we went n showered but he pushed in with me. I said wtf n he said that he had to do something to me. He started porn on his ipod n said that I was in for an experience while he gets to putting his cock n my mouth and fucked it. After a while he was sucking dick and I was loving the view of him suck my dick. I eventually blew in his mouth and said that he was gonna get into that more. The next time we fucked each other and fucked the friend who turned up the last day.

After that I was gonna fuck mum!! I had all the time grabbed her tits n peeved on her but now I was giving her the fuck of her life. She was showering and drunk and I walked in n said I’m joining her. She was letting me rub soap all over her n then she was resistant for the tits pussy n ass but I said that she was going to take it like a slut and she was straight into it. I fucked her 5 times a day at the beginning, all holes.

Next was my first sister and I had to make her try it after realising 20 bucks for her to suck it like a lolly. Next two were itching to suck it. I got a 4sum with us one time, we all fucked n came alot. I still fuck the girls n shared a mouthful with my brother. They have been in relationships but still wanna fuck me

NSFW: yes

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