tammy gets double crossed – Short Sex Story

I met tammy on a chat site. She messages me first. She came across as innocent, nerdy and a loner. She is married, and has two kids in their early teens.she loves cycling and baking. She also makes it clear that she only wants to be friends. Im a patient man and in need of a good friend, and i enjoy cycling so me and Tammy got off to a good begin.

It wasnt long till me and Tammy met.we decided to meet at a local cycling spot. Men being men, i naturally check her out. Shes not my type. Short, slender. I love amazon women. Tall, curvy, thick ass, thick strong thighs. She was also 8 years my senior. Which is ok cos im into older women. I was 31 at the time and Tammy’s hair was snow white already. It didnt make her look old, just added to her weirdness. She had small tits, looked like b cups. But thats ok, im not a boobs guy. In general Tammy would make a good friend cos i had no sexual interest in her but she was very excited to meet me. As the talking continues Tammy shows me the routes she likes to cycle. She walks infront of me and thats where things change for me. Tammy has a thick milf booty!and she is wearing leggings.

All that cycling has given her an ass that looks yummy. Just the right amount of muscle and fat.
Our meet up came to an end and i behaved like a gentleman and treated Tammy with respect.she could oick up that i wasnt as excited to meet her as she was to meet me and i could see shevtroed hard to make it fun for me. Little did she know that she had all of my dirty minds interest. As we depart i watch her as she walks to her bike, she is still talking and turns to face me and catches me checking her out. She carries on talking as if she didnt see me. She mounts her bike and sits down. Her ass is thick, yet very soft and it looks almost as if its swallowing the seat whole. It was amazing to see a petite woman with a thick booty do that. She catches me looking again and says nothing.

I watch her ride off and admire the view……

To be continued

NSFW: yes

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