Tammi and The Bully – Part 4 [M18/F38] [cheating]

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Tammi was at all times a clever person and very much aware of herself. Through the years, she had at all times been cognizant of the way her choices effected her life. Like that day in the university library, when she was browsing the art history section and mindlessly bumped into Jake. Looking helpless researching a topic he had very little interest in, Tammi decided that helping this otherwise clueless person would be her good deed of the day and not realizing he would become her husband.
She used to look back on that day fondly, as the day that changed her life direction for the better.

Then there was the day Timmy was born. Because they had so much difficulty conceiving, her once wild and carefree nature had completely changed. All the time watching and caring for the baby, even to the detriment of some of the things she held most dear in her life.

Of course, she did not forget about her past life. All the pleasant memories of her younger days: seducing all the attractive and (mostly) available men, experimenting with her teammates in the steamy showers following a big win and even exploiting her better features and abilities with a few professors when her grades were just not where she wanted them.

But those were now just that, pleasant memories of her life long before the responsibilities of real life. And yet, her current situation now presented her with another life altering decision.

Tammi looked long and hard at the enormous rod being presented in front of her. The thick and veiny shaft was engorged, looking as though it might burst each time Rick slapped it against his free hand. Her will had all but abandoned her the moment Rick pawed at her ass cheeks during her lap dance, but she couldn’t help but be conscious of the way her life would change the second she reached for that god like member.
But then it dawned on her, “why the hell should I care?” She had spent some of her finest years married to a man who barely talked to her and raising a son who could at least try to be a little more thankful for all she does, why shouldn’t she go down this road?

And that was it. Something clicked and all the the apprehension fluttered away as she walked closer to Rick. Her hands grazed up her abdomen and took both her amazing tits in her hands, cupping then from underneath and letting them fall while one hand reached out and the other up to her mouth, seductively sucking on her index and middle fingers.

“Mmmm, look at all that dick. So, you gonna show me how we do this the right way Rick?”

Her fingers had reached the shiny tip and just as she went to wrap them around the glorious shaft, he took her by the hips and spun her around. The momentum took her by surprise and allowed Rick to push her upper body down and forward. Taken by his dominance, she complied by bending further and making sure her bubble butt was on full display.

“Mmmm fuck, yes, it makes me so wet when you play with my ass,” she purred. Rick shifted himself forward on the couch and put her legs together, slowly reaching for the tiny straps of the thong and pulling it down, tiny clear strands connecting from her pussy lips.

Fuck Mrs. Blaine, you weren’t kidding,” he tossed the tiny thong apart and spread her legs back out, running his hands up the outside of her thighs and up to her cheeks, “and I’m willing to bet this hasn’t happened to you in a long time.” Ricks hands on her ass was driving her crazy, but she nearly went cross eyed when she felt his tongue travel up from her clit, all along her soaked lips and ending with a flick over her tight asshole.

“Mmff, you taste fucking amazing,” he muttered as he dove tongue first back into her wet pussy. Tammi hadn’t expected it, but Rick was amazing at eating pussy. He alternated between flicking her clit and lapping at her moist labia with the energy only found in a boy his age. And she had to hand it to him, no one had ate her ass that well since that night in the volleyball locker room with her teammates Cindy and Rebecca.

Somewhere between his oral onslaught and the various slaps to her ass, she looked through her spread legs to see that gorgeous dick staring her in the face. Demonstrating her flexibility, she reached out and grabbed it finally and between Rick’s tongue and the feeling of his pulsing member her knees finally got weak.
Tammi broke her grip with his hard cock and fell forward to her knees. Rick looked on in amazement when he saw her head flick her hair back and she peered over her shoulder.

“Ok Rick, you’re gonna do that a lot more,” she said, turning and crawling towards him, “but right now I have to get myself acquainted with my new toy.” Rick sat back onto the couch and gave her enough room to slip between his legs. She giggled softly when she finally reached him, running her hands up his thighs. Her eyes widened when her right hand took him by the base, her left starting at the head and slowly slipping down to meet her right. She looked him in the eye and spit a long trail of saliva on his head, her right hand moved to his balls and her left continued to stroke.

“You gonna stop bullying my son?” she asked, using her long tongue to lick the length of his member. Rick couldn’t help but roll his eyes back and grab the couch, “Mmmff fuuu. Yes Mrs. Blaine.” Rick really had no intention of stopping, but he was so turned in by the dynamic he went along with it.

“Mmm, that’s good honey. Cause if you do stop, I’ll worship this monster any time you want.” Tammi flattened out her tongue and licked from base to tip before enveloping his fat head with her beautiful lips, pushing her head down further and trailing her already soaked left hand. Her head stayed down the majority of the length while Rick groaned in amazement, before she slowly came back up and off with an audible “pflaghhhh!” She smiled looking at Rick, her hands continuing to pump his cock as strands of spit fell from between her mouth and his shaft onto her hands. Her right hand moved back down to his balls, fondling them between her delicate fingers as she took his length back into her mouth.

Schlock, schlock, glackk, schlack, schlack.

“God damn it, this dick is so big,” Tammi breathed before furiously gulping him back down her throat. Rick could only sit and smile, watching as her clear saliva drizzled down his shaft and pooled on her fingers that couldn’t wrap completely around and sported the diamond wedding ring that gleamed in the light of the living room. His hands left the comfort of the couch and found themselves on the back of Tammi’s head as he pushed himself off the couch and stood with her kneeling in front of him. She looked up at him with her widened blue eyes, mouth stretched and cheeks suctioned as her hands reached up and grabbed his muscular ass. Pulling him towards her, his cock crept deeper and deeper down her throat before she backed her head away and pulled him out of her mouth, pumping his rock hard member furiously. She adjusted her stance, kicking her feet out sideways and arched her back while staying in her knees to accentuate the jiggling cheeks of her perfect ass.

“You like that view baby? You like to watch this ass jiggle while I suck on your big cock?” Her right hand slapped her cheek while she grabbed him by the base and stuck out her long tongue.

Flap, tflap, tflap, flap, flap.

“Mmmmm, I’m fucking obsessed with this big fat cock,” she muttered, wiggling it in amazement before tapping it back down onto her tongue, “just the sight of it makes my pussy leak and my mouth water.” She rubbed the head against her tongue before taking it back down her throat, her hand following her mouth’s lead and stroking all her mouth juices onto the shaft.

Rick was busy admiring the pool of saliva that had gathered on Tammi’s breasts and on the floor below when he heard a buzzing sound coming from the side table. He looked over and saw the lit up screen of Tammi’s phone and could just make out the text from the incoming call. “Hubby❤️” flashed across the screen and Rick grinned devilishly while grabbing it off the table and showing it to Tammi, lost in the ecstasy she found in her new hung boy toy. Her eyes went wide when she finally opened them to see her phone’s screen in front of her. A brief wave of panic flushed her face as she pulled his meat from her plump lips, but then she looked up at Rick, grinning from ear to ear as if to send her some sort of telepathic message. She stayed in her position, slowly stroking his sopping wet length and smiled back up at him.

“Pick it up,” she said carelessly. Rick didn’t think twice and slid the icon over to accept the call before facing the phone at Tammi.

“Hi honey,” she said in her most sultry tone.

“Uhh, hey honey. What’s going on? I tried to call you a couple times before. I was starting to get worried.”

She rolled her eyes and couldn’t help herself, “Oh you were? That’s so sweet honey. But don’t you worry, I’m doing just fine here.” The sound of her saliva lubed strokes had to be audible in the other side.

“I just wanted to let you know I landed. What are you up to tonight?” Tammi giggled softly to herself. The only reason he would ever ask a question about her is if he was suspicious and she absolutely reviled in it.

“Oh I’m just making myself some dessert,” she licked the length of the underside of his shaft, “mmm, can’t you hear? You know how much I love dessert.” Rick held the phone closer to her face as she flipped his cock up and started to lick his balls.
“Ahhhllllllllllppp, mmmm. I made myself a BIG bowl of ice cream,” she popped each ball in and out of her wet mouth, “plllaapp, pllaaappp. Mmmm, I just love a good sundae.”

“Right,” said Jake, “well, did you ever deal with Timmy’s bully? I saw you consoling him. He’s really got to fight these battles on his own, you know.”

“Pflaughhhh,” as she dislodged Rick’s meat from her throat, “oh, yes, I talked with the young man,” laughing as she looks up at him and paused to suck his head, “mmpagghhh, he won’t be a problem anymore.”

“Jesus, you eat so goddam loud,” said Jake.

“Hehehe, sorry sweetie, it’s just TOO good. Anyway, pflaughhhhh, you’ll actually be seeing more of him now that they’ve made amends, gallllghhhh. Timmy’s going to help him with schoolwork AND, galllghhh, he’s agreed to help me with ANYTHING I need around the house. Isn’t that so nice of him?”

“Hmm, sounds like a stand up young man. You must have really convinced him.”

“Lallllghhhh,” stroking Rick’s slick shaft as his head rested on her tongue, “allllmmnn, yup, I really turned on the charm I guess, galllghhhhh.” Rick threw his head back and moaned softly.

“What the hell was that?” asked Jake.

“Pflaghhhhh, oh, that? Huh. I’m not sure. Maybe it was just the air conditioning coming on,” the sound of her pumping his cock picking up speed, “anyway, hope you have a great trip and see you when you’re back. Bye honey.”

“Wait! Tamm…” Jake yelled, clearly not convinced. But it was too late, Tammi hung up the phone and tossed it on the couch while stroking him from tip to base.

“Guess I’m gonna meet your husband soon,” said Rick with a wry smile.

“Mmmhmmphhh plloppppff, yea,” Tammi said as she popped him out of her mouth, “he’s going to see much more of you from now on. But only if you can fuck me as well as you eat my pussy.” Tammi got off her knees and wrapped her fingers around his dripping shaft, leading him out from the living room and up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Tammi finally let go of his member once they crossed the threshold and into the bedroom, nudging the door slightly shut before strutting over to the bed. Rick paused to watch her ass cheeks jiggle in unison with her toned thighs as she walked, then flip herself onto the bed facing him and spreading her legs out as wide as they could go while pointing her toes. She softly started playing with her pussy, now dripping wet from the suckfest downstairs, and Rick didn’t waste any time by walking over, cock in hand.

“Mmm, fuck me with that fat cock baby,” Tammi said as he got closer, “I want you to fuck this pussy so hard I can’t walk tomorrow.” Rick grabbed one of her ankles and tapped her clit with the head of his dick, sliding it by and down her wet lips before finding her tight entrance and slowly plunging forward.

“Ohh waa ohhh fffffuckk,” she gasped as she felt the increasing fullness of her needy pussy, stretched further with every inch, “yyess, fill me up baby.” Rick took hold of both ankles as he was halfway in and pushed her legs back towards her head, then brought up one of his feet and planted it on the bed before plunging every inch until he felt his balls resting on her ass.

“Goddd fuucckkking gahhh! Mmmm stretch me out baby!” she said as she took hold of her ass cheeks, spreading them wide while Rick slowly retracted. It only took a couple more pumps before his cock was glistening with her juices. Tammi bent her head to look and her eyes rolled at the sight of his veiny meat disappearing into her and the sound of his balls slapping at her spread butthole. Tammi hadn’t expected it to feel this good this soon and she really had to hold herself back from flooding the sheets this quick. Her effort turned out to be futile, however, as Rick picked up his other foot into the bed and went full mating press, Tammi’s feet now in plane with her head. His pace quickened and she could feel his length pull all the way out to just the tip and furiously plunge back in to the base. She couldn’t help but think that she had never been fucked this good in her life and it had only been five minutes.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me with that fucking horse cock you fucking stud!” Tammi couldn’t believe it, but she was a few strokes away from cumming. She reached up and grabbed Rick’s shoulders, digging her nails into his back. “Fuck, fuck, fuck yes! I’m gonna cum baby! Fuck you’re making me cum!”

Rick grunted and slammed himself harder into her before she screamed and her legs started to shake. He could feel the pulsating wetness surrounding his cock and he put a foot back down on the floor and slowly withdrew his hard member, stroking slowly as he admired his handy work.

“Fuck Mrs. Blaine, you came all over my dick.”

Tammi slowly recovered from her earth shattering orgasm and could only smile in reply. Her mind was caught in a fog of ecstasy and desire, her demeanor clearly changed from unassuming housewife to limitless slut with big dick on the brain. Tammi rolled onto her stomach towards the edge of the bed and pushed herself up onto her elbows and knees, her ass high in the air and her tits spilling onto the bed beneath her. “Well then,” she licked her plump cock sucking lips, “why don’t you come and let me clean you up.” Rick positioned himself in front of Tammi’s gaping wet mouth, her tongue hanging out and dripping saliva onto the sheets below. Rick grabbed his shaft and tilted it sideways in front of her face, dragging it across her lips as her tongue cupped the underside. As he watched her slurp and lick all her moist juices from his cock, he reached over her back with both hands and started to grope and spread her ass cheeks. Tammi had taken his head into her mouth when she heard him spit onto his fingers, then moaned on his meat when she felt him slowly rubbing circles around her tight, puckered asshole.

“Plllaghhhhh, mmmmm! Yes daddy, play with that tight asshole. Make me your slutty little toy and fill all my holes!”

Tammi had no sooner wrapped her puckered lips back onto his cock when he took the back of her head with his free hand and pushed it towards his abdomen.

“Mmmm, that’s it slut. Choke on this fat dick!” Tammi moaned again before his head breached her throat.

Glaaaackkk, gahhlickkkk, glacckkkkk.

Tammi put her dainty, manicured hand up against his strong thigh to signal that was all she could take. Rick felt her nails dig into his thigh when he plunged his middle finger two knuckles deep into her ass and with a subtle yelp, her throat opened up and he pushed himself another inch.


Rick let go of her head and withdrew slowly, watching as the foam from the sides of her mouth coated his shaft and turned to drool once his head finally escaped the vacuum like hold of her mouth.

“Ohh fuck,” Tammi tried to catch her breathe, “no one’s ever fucked my throat like that before daddy. Mmmm, come and claim what’s yours” she said as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Tammi gripped the sheets as she waited for Rick to position himself behind her, watching herself slowly gyrate in the full length mirror opposite the bed. She felt a jolt of electricity run up her spine when she saw him come into view, his toned and muscular body at the perfect angle to watch as he pounded her from behind. She shivered when she felt the tip of his head slide up and down her pussy lips and bit her lip as she felt the heavy weight tapping on her clit. Her body writhed on the sheets, doing her best to enjoy the tease and not completely back her ass into him.

“Cmon baby, push that beautiful cock into me and fuck me. Use this fat ass and make me cum all over that dick again.”

Rick grasped his shaft and started to push the head into her wet entrance, waiting until he had buried the head in before leaning over her and perfectly landing a long string of spit onto her perfect pink asshole.

“Ohhhhh ffffuckkk yesss daddy,” she groaned, gripping the sheets even tighter and pushing her ass up more. Rick pushed further and further into her and just before reaching his base, he gripped her ass cheek with one hand and used the other to circle her hole with his thumb. Tammi looked up with a grin, watching him in the mirror as his hands explored her ass. Her expression changed from a grin to slacked in extreme pleasure, her mouth gasped as she felt his thick digit sink deeper into her as he fucked her.

“Mmmmmmm! You naughty boyy! Fuck yes, use all my slutty holes you fucking stud!”
Rick slapped her ass with his free hand and stared to pick up his pace while using his new grip to pull her back into him. The room stared to fill with the heavy and wet slapping sounds of her jiggly butt into his toned abdomen, the bed creaking uncontrollably as Tammi’s head went from lying on the bed to thrown back and facing the mirror again. Rick took a handful of her silky hair and gently pulled back on it as he widened his stance and lowered Tammi’s ass, their bodies now in full sequence.

“Fuck! Fuckkkk! Pound this pussy baby, use me as your personal fuck toy! God damn it your dick is so fucking biggg!” Rick thrusted quickly into her for a few more strokes before slowing his pace and sliding himself out just so the head reached her lips before slowly sliding back in, repeating this motion while sinking his thumb past the knuckle. The wet sounds of the pounding were only matched with the primal grunts from Rick and the animalistic screams from Tammi.

Timmy shut the front door behind him and scratched his head as he saw all the items of clothing on the living room floor. He brushed it off, not having time to really think about it. This was supposed to be a quick trip back home to get a forgotten game controller from his room. His bounding up the stairs was slowed as he reached the top and started to hear the noise coming from his parent’s room. His stomach dropped as he realized that it was just his mother here and his dad was away. “Whose clothes were those?” he wondered as he crept towards the cracked door only to be taken aback by his mother’s voice.

“Yes, fuck me daddy! Just fucking like that honey, fuck this married pussy! Beat that shit up and then cum all over my slutty fucking face!”

Timmy froze just next to the door. He had never heard his mother talk like that, he hadn’t ever heard her swear for all he could remember. What was happening? And who was in the room with her? All those thoughts reeled through his mind as he weighed peeking through the door or not. He was so afraid of what he might see, but his curiosity finally got the better of him and he braved himself on the door opening and slowly brought the two figures into view.

Tammi had brought the sheet up from her clenched hands and into her mouth, partially stifling her passionate moans and fits of dirty talk. Rick’s pace had quickened and he freed his hand from her puckered hole to grab at her waist and slam her back into him, his full balls slapping up against her clit.

Tammi’s eyes had just returned from the back of her head when she saw him in the mirror. Timmy’s unmistakable face was peering through the doorway, stunned at the sight of his nemesis laying into his own mother. Tammi’s eyes widened and she picked her head up, hands still clenching the sheets.

“Huhhh!” she wondered to herself, her shock making her pussy clench even tighter onto Rick’s piston like thrusting, which in turn made him fuck her even harder. In that split second she made another life altering decision. There was her son, watching his mother cheat on his dad with the person he hated the most and would undoubtedly be scarred from this experience. But then there was a wave of calm that washed over her followed by intense pleasure. “I’ve done nothing but care for that little fucker all my life and I barely get the respect a mother deserves,” she wondered.

“That’s it. I’m done caring,” she wondered and her face returned to the grin from before, her gaze nearly fixed on Timmy’s reflection as Rick’s grip on her tightened and his pace started to slow. She felt his hand grab her hair again while he pulled out, “Be a good girl and get on your knees for daddy,” he whispered loudly to her ear.

Timmy watched in horror as she complied with his bully’s demand, groping her sweat covered tits as Rick pumped his shaft in front of her face.

“Mmmm yesss, give me that hot load all over my face. I wanna taste your sticky nut as it slides down my throat!” Tammi licked her lips as she saw Rick’s balls tighten and heard him groan.


Three giant ropes of cum exploded from his shiny head and one by one landing across Tammi’s waiting and willing face. With one eye closed and her mouth still open, she stuck her tongue out and awaited the rest. His thick load started to drip down her face and off her chin when he brought the tip of his cock closer, shooting the last two spurts onto her tongue. It rolled back into her throat as she caught the dripping mess from her face with her hand, dripping it seductively into her mouth before slowly gulping it down.

Rick stood in front of her, sweating profusely and breathing heavily as she reached up and took his meat into her hands. She winked up at him as she stroked his shaft while sucking his head and with a loud “POP” she released him.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, “I haven’t been fucked that well since…well fuck, I’ve never been fucked like that before.” She stood back up and put her hands on Rick’s chest while looking up at him.

“You wouldn’t mind helping me out around the house now and then, would you?” she smiled, “It’ll be our little secret.” Tammi raised her voice, “and it’ll stay a secret or someone will be off to military school!” With that, they both heard the sound of footsteps scurry down the stairs and out the front door.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Blaine, he’ll keep his mouth shut if he knows what’s good for him. I’ll see to that.”

“Mmm, good, I’m happy to hear that,” she said with a smile, “Now, I’m going to grab the rest of that wine before we shower. I hope you can stay the night.”

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