Tales from School Pt 1 – Short Sex Story

When I was in school, Guitar Hero was all the rage! Two roommates, Shawn and Aaron, had the whole setup very early on and their room became a trendy stop on weekends to practice and hang out with friends while sneaking a few beers in the dorms.
My best friend, Sarah, and I had crushes on each of the respective roommates so we’d tried to arrive later when the crowd had died down in hopes of getting more individualized attention. Aaron was an assertive rocker type who oozed confidence and sexual prowess; and had recently taken interest in me; while, Shawn had the all-around good guy vibe, and was into Sarah. It worked out very well.

One specific night, we arrived to play and the boys were many beers in and were very touchy. I was having a hard time getting the hang of the concept so after many playful gibes, Aaron attempted to help me. He slid up behind me putting his arms around me trying to help by taking over the strum-board while I focused on the notes. He swept my hair to one side and I could feel his breath against my neck while he tried to softly dictate the notes in my ear and offer encouragement. Naturally, not having hardly any experience with boys at that point, I was so turned on from his closeness, the smell of his cologne, and his assertive behavior that I never wanted the song to end.

When it did, he carefully removed the guitar from me; handed it to Shawn; and, then returned to sit next to me on his bed. He told me he was getting tired but felt bad because it seemed that Shawn still wanted to play for a while in an attempt to impress Sarah. He said he could really go for a movie to relax before he ended his night. I told him my roommate was probably asleep, so I offered up my room upstairs to try to wind down.

I was super naive at the time and genuinely wondered he was tired and just wanted to chill, so we said goodnight to the others and went up to the third floor to my room. Unlocking the door as quietly as feasible, I turned on the TV and pulled it closer to my side of the room. He pretty immediately kicked off his shoes and made himself comfortable in my bed, while I nervously tidied up some of the mess my roommate had left. He finally whispered my name and gave me the “come hither” finger so I went over and he told me to lay down with him.

I made to lay down in front of him practically letting him spoon me from behind. We started the movie. About ten minutes in, I started to feel him moving, pressing his hips into my ass. I didn’t think anything of it; but, shortly after, I felt his arm come over my side, and begin massaging my boobs over my thin cami top. While frozen in fear being inexperienced, I still couldn’t help but let out a small moan. “Is this okay?” he whispered into my ear. I told him it was and he proceeded to kiss my neck, while simultaneously sliding his hand up under my shirt to play with my nipples, sending shivers down my spine. Knowing my nipples are my weakness, I started to loosen up; grinding back into his now-hard cock, the immense pleasure taking over so I no longer felt so insecure. He removed his hand from under my shirt, and brought it up to my chin, directing my face to his, and allowing me to essentially lay on my back, while we made out . His kisses tasted like Bud Light, but his tongue was skillful, and I could feel myself getting wet from all of the sensations of being touched by someone other than myself.

Being lost in the moment, I didn’t even fully realize when his hand (which had gone back to massaging my tits), began to slide down into my sleeping shorts. Liking to sleep naked, I didn’t have on panties so feeling him press directly against my clit made me gasp at the touch of his fingers delicately exploring. “Shhh, or you’ll wake up your roommate and get us into trouble,” he said, briefly stopping, teasing me when all I wanted was more! I’d completely forgotten about my roommate, being swept up in these totally new experiences. After checking briefly to ensure she was still asleep, he pulled my leg over his, opening my legs in order for him to slip a finger inside me, as he kissed me hard to stifle any noises I was making.

He guided my hand to his crotch to rub his erection over his basketball shorts before he slipped them down a bit and exposed his dick. I told him I didn’t have any experience, so he whispered exactly what he wanted me to do in my ear teaching me how to give my first handjob. Licking my hand as he’d suggested, I began tugging on his dick. It was hard to keep a steady pace as he was fingering me; my body having had so desperately wanting me to be selfish and give in to my own pleasure. He’d told me I could grip it harder, that it actually felt good to have more pressure around it. He’d next asked me to gently massage his balls, of which I obliged; eliciting a whispered “just like that, oh fuck yes” from him. Seeing how much he was enjoying such a simple touch turned me on immensely!

We’d been rubbing each other for a while, when we heard my roommate begin to stir; freezing us instantly. She’d gotten up to use the bathroom and the bathroom light was gonna cast a glow on the two of us laying there in the previously dark room. Very quickly I pulled the covers over Alex to attempt to hide him as he nestled his face into my chest, taking a nipple in his mouth making it EXTREMELY difficult to stay quiet.

When she came out, she proceeded to go back to her bed, but the two of us, while horny as hell, were scared to be caught. (She was kinda strange and we were already on rocky terms.) We laid there for a while, hoping to cement the fact that she would be out cold, but we were both extremely tired by that point, so we figured it was best for him to try and sneak out rather than risk any more noise or us falling asleep together. Although neither of us got to cum, it was extremely hot knowing it all happened under her my annoying roommate’s unsuspecting nose. And, it was exciting as hell knowing I’d gotten a taste of something that night, I knew I’d want to experience many times over…

NSFW: yes

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