Take a ride with me [F31/M33] [fiction, masterbation]

Context: was gonna send this to my long time friend and ex from high college. But last minute I got cold feet and am posting it here because why waste a good story. So this is my [F 31] message to my [M 33] friend. … side note, I didnt originally plan for it to be this long, just got carried away..

We end up in the same city for whatever reason and one, nice warm summer day you offer to take me for a ride on your bike, knowing that I don’t ride myself, but love the feeling. I happily accept and jump on the back.

You take it slow in town obeying traffic laws and posted speeds. Then we get out to some back country roads, where you really know no one is gonna be driving and the speed limit is high. You open the throttle and we’re going 60 a few moments later wind whipping in our faces.

I hold on tight to your waist. Nervous, excited, adrenaline pumping, feeling a rush. Your bike, vibrates between my legs and I am so close to your back. I press my body against yours. Knowing that we are both married and being this close is only okay for today in this moment. I feel your strong shoulders, and back. You work out nearly every day. I’m so close I can smell you, damn you smell amazing.

We have a nice long straight stretch of road where we can just enjoy the ride. You yell, “Enjoying yourself?” And I yell back “Yes”, not wanting to be misunderstood. Wanting to tell you that this is the most vulnerable thing I’ve done in a long time. The simple act of putting my life in your steady hands and feeling completely reliant on another person. I don’t have to be a mother, wife, or adult in this moment. I can just exist.

We ride, the longer we keep going, the wetter my pussy gets. We begin to hit some road where you need to shift more, the speed of the bike varies, the rpms vibrate in the seat. I want you. I want you to know that I’m thinking about you. I shift my arms slightly off your waist and get scared and immediately put them back. Scared at the thoughts running through my mind about your cock.

We’ve been riding long enough, and you pull over at a spot with a nice view. My ears are ringing from the sound of your bike, road, and wind. My heart pumping in my chest. My pussy is dripping from being pushed up against your back and vibrated for the past 30 minutes. You get off the bike and I notice you sporting a bludge.

You ask how I’m feeling. I don’t want to lie, but I also don’t want to begin something I cannot finish. I say “Incredible, you’re incredible, what, like, I mean… your bike is incredible” I think *shit: I slipped up* “What about you?” I ask.

You laugh, your warm friendly laugh and tell me you’re having fun just getting out of your own head for a bit and its nice to distribute it with someone. Then you ask if I’m ready to head back. I say sure and hop back on. *is the seat more angled this time?* I think as I feel my lips part so that, if I lean forward, I can get my clit right on the seat. You get back on and we head off.

I notice this time your watching the rpms more closely, keeping them a little higher. I hope this is for my advantage, and if it is… its working. I begin to moan, quietly, but my face is near your ear. I can feel you smile. It feels so good. I begin to grind on the seat, pushing myself as close to your body and the seat as I can. After a few minutes, I get louder.

You unmistakably know what I’m doing. You lean into it, make sure I feel the power of your bike. I squirm, shifting, thinking of the time we fucked in school where you were deep inside of me, rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple and we came at the same time. That was incredible sex.

I suddenly get that urge, knowing that I’m close to climax. I whisper don’t stop not knowing if you hear me or not through the wind. You keep driving. I keep wiggling my hips and suddenly cum. Feeling tingles all over my body. I’ve never done this on a moving vehicle I feel like I need to collapse in a heap, but hold on to you for dear life.

You can tell something happened and discover a safe place to pull over. We are surrounded by trees. It’s gorgeous and I collapse just after you help me off the bike. “Thank you” is all I can think to mutter. You tell me ” You’re welcome, want to see what you did to me?” I nod. You pull your cock out… its almost fully hard… larger than I remember. You stroke yourself, quickly cuming after the intense foreplay.

“Ready to go back” I nod again, still haven’t quite found my voice after just watching you cum. As we get back to town life starts to feel like its crashing in again. By the time we make it back to my car, I feel the weight of responsibility back on my shoulders.

I give you a hug, you hug back, just the right amount of force from those powerful arms . Then you say the sexiest thing you could… ” same thing next week?” I know there is shock in my eyes. “That would be incredible” I say.

NSFW: yes

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