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A group of 5 of my Marine Corps buddies and our families meet up for a weekend retreat in the mountains. We do this everynow and then to re connect and unwind. Its all the time nice to get together. These trips are usually PG-13 but weve gotten a little nc17 in hot tub when the kids were asleep.
Over the years We’ve watched our kids get bigger and bigger every trip. Pne of our friends, let’s call him Dave has a daughter named Jasmin. Very outgoing and considers all uncles. I’ve never looked at her in a sexual way, but knew she was gonna be trouble. She was all the time a cutie but a dead ringer for her mother. Her.mother was short, lean, and stacked. Cute ass and a sexy smile. She was filling out and looking more and.more like her mother every trip. This trip she was 18, and showing off her body in a little bikini every chance she got.
Myself and Manny another friend along with a bunch of the kids go for a ride down to the lake. The kids were fishing and playing when I noticed Jasmin had disappeared. I had to get something out of the truck and noticed something moving inside. I opened the door to Jasmin topless, pulling up her bikini bottoms. She shrieked and I closed the door. Her large firm tits and bald pussy cemented in my mind. My cock was stiffening, as she opened the door, apologizing.”I had to change real quick” she giggled. I looked up amd she was in her bikini sitting on the back seat of the truck. Sticking her chest out, her tits looked like giant springs about to explode out of her top. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. “Awe no worries kiddo, give us warning next time so we don’t walk in on ya” I said without making eye contact. “My eyes are up here Uncle Mike” she giggled. I looked her in the eyes as her fingers traced the cups of her bikini, pulling them down and freeing her tits. They popped out and bouncing as the settled. ” I think you like them” she giggled. “They are very nice” I said, nervously looking around. “Please touch them Uncle Mike”. Her dark nipples and her tan Mexican skin…fuck I wondered. She was a dream. I reached out and fondled her breasts like I was a teenager again. She giggled “oh Uncle Mike, don’t be shy”. I gripped her breasts firmly with both hands and pushed them together. I shoved my face on them and licked and sucked. Soon she was moaning and running her hands through my hair. “Little girl” I said “you should be tempting grown men like this”. “Unlce Mike, I’m not a little girl anymore…” She said that pouting and spreading her legs. She pulled her bikini bottom to the side revealing a perfect bald pussy. I pushed her in the truck and climbed in. I shoved my face into her crotch licking her smooth pussy. Fuck it tatsted good. I sat up after a while and grabbed her.by the hair snd pushed her face in my lap. “Let’s see how grown you are” as she pulled out my cock and began sucking. Face down in my lap her bikini clad ass facing the other door of my truck. Slurping and moaning as her mouth slid up and down my shaft. Just then thenother door opened and Manny was in shock at what he saw. “What the fuck” he blurted. “Get the fuck in, or walk away” I yelled at him. The door closed and Manny had his face buried in her ass as she sucked the life out of my cock…..

NSFW: yes

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