Taboo with my son

My name is Maaya. I am a 39-year-old widowed mother of a teenage son. my husband Hans had been dead for about 10 months, having died in a car accident.

It had been a fairly warm summer and we had taken a cooling shower every evening after our dinner together. my son Varun had already showered and went into his room at some point before I took a shower too.

I left the bathroom wrapped only in a towel, and when I walked past his room, his door was ajar. I looked in and saw him lying naked on his bed. From the sounds he seemed to be sleeping, but he had a gigantic erection. I hadn’t seen him naked since he was a little boy, so I was amazed to see that his cock was the same size as his father’s.


I hadn’t had sex in ten months, other than masturbating several times a week, and as I stared at him I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. I reached under the edge of the towel and stroked myself, I realized that my pussy was wet!

I walked to his bed in a daze and let the towel slide to the floor as I walked.

I climbed onto the bed, straddled his hips, and sat on that gorgeous cock.

Oh my God! It felt so good and my clit rested on his pubic bone as he was fully inside me. Varunslowly woke up and stared at me as I began to move back and forth, enjoying the intense pleasure.

He tried to thrust his hips upward to fuck me, but my weight on him prevented him from moving.

I whispered to him, “No, baby, let me do it. Let me do it.

I grasped my breasts, felt my erect nipples, and took them between my forefingers and thumbs to twirl and curl, increasing my pleasure. He reached up and covered my hands with his and I pulled mine away to give him full access.

My nipples, which are very sensitive, were pressed into the palms of his hands and he began massaging my rather small tits.

»Pinch my nipples, baby. Pinch it and make it hard.

He did exactly as I told him to and with the first pinch I had my first orgasm.

“Oh baby, don’t stop. [**Continue reading………………………………………**](

NSFW: yes

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