Swinging.. condom removed..


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So me and my partner are into the swinging scene and have had a few good meets and a few bad ones.. this story is about one of the very good ones that I enjoyed, my partner not so much!

We had been messaging this couple who were really keen to meet. We had exchanged a couple of pictures here and there and some naughty videos of each other then we agreed to meet at their house for some drinks and to see where things were going.

We chatted for a while and then decided they were nice so we agreed to head up to the bedroom and carry on the party. Things got pretty heavy quickly. I was last up the stairs, going back down to bring the toys, condoms and lube etc that we had brought with us. When I got upstairs, the guy was kissing my partner and the girl was waiting for me.
The girl was thick, big ass and gigantic tits. The guy was quite small but seemed to know what he was doing.

I started kissing the girl, making out passionately and quickly pulling each others clothes off. I knew this girl loved oral so proceeded to push her onto the bed and got on my knees at the edge. I kissed her pussy and flicked my tongue over her clit.. she was moaning loudly and grinding back against my tongue. I wanted to make a good impression so made sure to not back down and kept going , pleasuring this girl and forgetting my partner was even in the room. My fingers slipped inside her to give her stimulation to her gspot whilst I continued with my tongue.. she got louder and louder until she moaned out that she was cumming and I felt her squeeze down on my fingers and her pussy get wetter..

After she took a few moments to recover she exchanged positions with me and started sucking my cock.. teasing me at first, giving me the sexiest eye contact as her tongue glid up and down my shaft then she took me in and started sucking me. I pushed her head down hard and fucked her mouth.. I was so horny and wanted to use this girl to make my cock explode.. annoyingly she had said that she doesn’t like it when guys cum in her mouth so that was off limits. I let her carry on sucking me and throating my cock until it looked like my partner and the guy were about to fuck.
I reached for a condom, my least favourite thing, and put it on. This girls ass was huge and boy could she take and wanted a pounding. I was railing the fuck out of this girl whilst my partner was getting a fairly gentle fuck from the guy.

This girl didn’t even care that her partner was right there and we carried on fucking like animals in numerous positions.

I was struggling to cum with the condom on, but my partner and the guy had already finished and they were chatting away..

The girl could see that I was struggling with the condom and whilst I was fucking her missionary she started playing with her clit and stroking her pussy lips whilst my cock slipped in and out. At the opportune moment I felt her fingers make a v shape around my condom covered cock and to my delight she started slipping it off. I helped by pulling out slightly then plunging my bare cock deep inside her raw. What a fucking relief.

The pleasure change was instant as I now pounded my thick cock into this girls pussy unprotected. I knew there was only one place I could cum now.. inside here to hide the evidence.. so I did.. I got closer and closer very quickly and she could feel my cock swelling. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in deep for my last few strokes.

My breeding kink in full overdrive, I shot everything I had inside this girl right Infront of both of our unaware partners. She pulled me in close, kissed me and whispered in my ear “I’m so glad you wanted that as much as I did,” and then released me so she could quickly go to the bathroom. I grabbed the condom from between us and pretended to pull it off my dripping, twitching cock. Being dark, we got away with it perfectly.

It turned out after this meet that my partner wasn’t really into the guy and was just carrying on because I looked like I was having fun.. little did she know how much fun I was having.

The girl messaged me separately and thanked me for the hard fuck and the cum. Her partner didn’t give it to her as hard as she wanted. She told me she was clean and assumed that I was. I got tested to be sure and sure enough everything was all clear. She also told me that if I wanted to meet again.. separately.. then that was definitely on the table..

NSFW: yes

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