Sweet Love

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Nita’s love for her stepfather takes an unexpected turn when her mother pulls back from their oddly skewed familial relationship, leaving Nita and Lyle to their own devices more and more.  Nita’s questions spark an unusual desire within her, a desire that puts her in position to discover her sweet love for her daddy…

Bedtime was the best part of the day for eighteen year old Nita Bainbridge.  She loved to go upstairs for her nightly shower, then shower and slip on the old and paper thin flannel nightgown that she had put on every night since she had turned fifteen.  It had been a birthday present from her stepfather, Lyle Hannover.  Nita had spotted the nightgown during a shopping trip and her mother, Althea Hannover, had turned up her nose at the garment and insisted on a frilly, girly teddy that Nita had not been comfortable with.  Lyle had noticed how much she liked the nightgown and bought it for her later.

In the last six months Nita had started wearing the flannel gown with nothing underneath it, the soft fabric felt good against her skin, and especially on her nipples.  There were places in the fabric that were so thin that she could see right through it-and that was the biggest reason that she wore it so often now. Her crush on Lyle had begun to develop years before, but in recent months she had been aware that her mother’s treatment of Lyle was not that of a loving wife at all.  The two seemed to exist in separate worlds, simply tolerating each other.  Just a few months ago, Althea had moved all her belongings into the guest bedroom.  There had been no arguments, no fussing.  Nita had just come home one day and it had been already been done.

The buttons on her gown enclosed an opening that extended down below her breasts, and Nita rarely bothered to fasten any of them. After she noticed Lyle watching the gap as she moved, she stopped bothering with them at all.  It wasn’t long before Althea began to become involved in so many community groups and clubs that she was rarely home at all.

“Where’s mom?” Nita asked one Friday afternoon towards the end of school. Lyle was sitting on his upholstered chair reading the newspaper.

“Some Garden Club function in Atlanta,” he said absently, not even looking up.

“Dad, aren’t you worried about mom cheating on you?”

Lyle did look up this time, surprise on his handsome face.  Then he laughed and shook his head.  “Trust me baby, the very last thing I worry about is your mother cheating on me.  I doubt if she even remembers what sex is.”  He went back to reading the paper.

“Daddy, don’t you and mom ‘do it’ anymore?”  Nita felt something stir deep in her belly.  She had never talked with Lyle about sex, and had never even hinted about her crush on him.

“I don’t know if it’s even appropriate for me to discuss this with you honey-“

“Why not?” Nita asked breathlessly, “I’m over eighteen, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard worse in the locker room at gym class.”  She gave him her most adoring smile and sat on the ottoman, just inches from his muscular legs.  “If you tell me about it, I’ll tell you some of my stories,” she batted her eyes at him, hoping that the promise of trading her secrets for his would prove too much for him to resist.

“Really,” Lyle said, uncrossing his long legs and laying the paper in his lap. “What could you possibly have to tell me that might make me share details about my intimate life with your mother?”

Nita decided to go for broke.  “What if I tell you about the first time I gave somebody a blowjob?” she asked casually.  She was awed by the immediate rise in the front of his pants, which pushed the newspaper up a good four inches.

The look on Lyle’s face was even more impressive.  His skin turned a bright red, and his breathing increased.  “Come on Nita, don’t tease me like that.  You’re too young-“he halted, totally at a loss for words.

“You’ll never know,” Nita teased, “unless you start talking.”

“Shit,” Lyle said.  “Let me think about this Nita, I’m not sure we should even be having this conversation.

“There’s no rush daddy,” Nita said, adding a gentle sway to her hips as she walked towards the staircase leading to her upstairs bedroom.  “I’m ready to talk whenever you are.” Lyle watched her ass as she climbed the stairs slowly.  When she got upstairs, she covered her mouth and giggled.  Nita looked back towards the top of the stairs and made a decision.

She stepped into the bathroom off the corridor and deliberately left the door open.  Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it in the hamper.  Reaching around behind her, she unfastened her bra and freed her very small perfectly shaped breasts.  Rubbing them caused her to moan slightly and made her nipples harden.  Nita glance towards the door and half turned that way in the hope that Lyle had come upstairs, but there was no one there.  Sighing, she stepped out of her skirt and panties, kicking them into the hamper with her blouse and bra.  Naked, she stretched and walked to the shower to turn on the water.  Maybe he would come upstairs by the time she was ready to get out.

Pulling the frosted glass door behind her, Nita stepped into the welcoming hot stream of water as clouds of steam billowed around her. The soapy lather made her fingers slippery as they wandered down to her mound.  Nita kept it shaved smooth so that she didn’t look tacky in her bikini.  She shivered at the thought that the door was open and he might see her.  It was frightening to think he might catch her naked, and it was exciting too.  The wetness between her legs wasn’t all from the shower.

Nita was a little nervous getting out of the shower, but she took a deep breath and stepped out.  Lyle wasn’t there, and she breathed a sigh, half in relief, and half in disappointment.  She dried off with a towel and peeked down the hallway to see if Lyle had come up.  The disappointment was deeper this time.

Disheartened, Nita wrapped the towel around herself and walked to her bedroom. She dropped the towel at the foot of her bed and reached for the tired old gown.  “Nita?” Lyle called out and immediately covered his eyes.  “Jesus, I’m sorry Nita,” he said, backing out of her bedroom.

“Daddy,” she called out, chasing him into the hallway. “Daddy, come back-“

“Jesus Nita, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you weren’t dressed, I would never…” he broke off in mid-sentence.  She was staring at him, her nightgown held at her throat.

“If I’d known you were coming in Daddy, I would never have picked it up,” she said softly, still holding the garment in her hand, but dropping it down by her hip.  Lyle’s burgeoning erection pressed urgently against his pants.

It was impossible not to look at her perfection as she stood naked to his gaze.  Small taut breasts, tight flat belly, incredibly long legs-and she was shaved clean.  Lyle felt a lurch in his belly as he stared.

Nita was aroused by the lust in his eyes and the bulge at his crotch.  Lyle was a strong, mature guy with a good body and a head full of dark wavy hair.  At this moment his blue eyes were devouring every inch of her exposed body, and to Nita, each glance felt like a caress.  Sex was not a new thing for her.  She had made out in the front seats of cars and fucked in the back seats.  The first blowjob she had ever given was to Jimmy Sansom and he had cum so fast she hadn’t had time to take her mouth off his cock when he exploded.  It had been salty and gooey, but she hadn’t minded-and he had been almost worshipful when she pretended that letting him cum in her mouth had been her intention all along.  But in her many experiences, this was the first time a man had seen her fully naked.  She loved the way Lyle was looking at her.



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