Surprise Reddit Chat With My Stepdaughter – Short Sex Story

On this day I’m downstairs in my den watching porn on my computer. My just 18yo stepdaughter is in her room across the hall. Just she and I are home alone. I hear the doorbell and she runs out of her room to get the food she ordered. I had been dreaming and longing to fuck her for a while and now that she is 18, that urge and thoughts are dangerously leading to thoughts of planning how actually to do it. I get up and go to her door and see her computer screen is on. To my surprise, I see she’s on Reddit. I run to get my phone to take a picture of what’s on the screen because she’ll be back before I can see and read what she’s doing on there.

I go back into my den to pull up the picture on my computer. I see she is looking at the OldYoungTabooPorn sub. I pull up her username and see she has only been on for a month and has no posts or comments. Is she interested in older men? I decided to try and engage her in chat and see what I can figure out. I hear her coming back downstairs and she goes into her room and closes her door and turns her music up. I send her the chat request and I wait to see if she engages. After an hour she responds…

**Me**: Hi, do you want to chat about older, or younger?

**She:** Hello

**Me**: How old are you?

**She:** 18. How old are you?

**Me:** 45. Are you interested in older men?

**She:** Idk, I’m wondering why they seem so interested in me tho.

**Me:** Tell me about you and your experiences or dealings or curiosity with older men. Do you still live at home with your parents?

**She:** I live at home with my mom and stepdad. Since I became a teenager I keep noticing older men staring or looking at me in a weird creepy kinda way.

**Me:** What about your Stepdad… How old is he? Does he look at you like that?

**She:** I think he’s like 45. He has been looking at me sort of differently since I started high college. It’s hard to explain but sometimes he just stares at me and when I catch him he licks his lips or starts rubbing and squeezing himself, especially when I’m in the pool or wearing my bathing suit.

**Me:** What’s changed since you started high college? I would imagine your body is developing, do you dress differently or something? Tell me what you look like.

**She:** I’m 5’4 about 110lbs. My breasts are getting bigger, I’m now a tight C-cup bra but going to have to go to a D soon. My mom bought me a bikini to wear because I like to get a tan. Sometimes if I’m home alone I’ll undo the top to tan with no line. For college, I wear decent clothes the same as my friends. College rules won’t allow trashy looks and neither would my mom.

**Me:** Why do you think he’s acting this way towards you? Has he done anything else?

**She:** He and my mom have not been the same for a while now. They don’t speak much and when they do it’s mostly to argue. Most times my mom sleeps in the other room or on the couch. One summer he was getting very different. I was tanning outside and he walked near me and said “MMM… looking real good, turn over and get the front too.” He was rubbing himself hard as he was looking at me.

**Me:** Did you tell your mom about it?

**She:** No, I didn’t pay him any mind because he was saying stuff like that a lot lately. I came inside to wash the dishes. I kept my bikini on because I was going swimming after I did my chores. My stepdad came into the kitchen and stood in the doorway. I was listening to music and washing dishes. I turned and saw him and he had a pair of my panties stretched across his hand. He asks me why I did not put them in the hamper or in my room when I took them off. He took them and put the crotch of my panties to his nose and inhaled deeply as he was rubbing himself. He looked at me and did it a couple more times. He said to me that I smell like a woman.

**Me:** What did you do?

**She:** I didn’t know what to do. He walked over to me and I started shaking. I looked and the bulge in his pants was massive and was going down his leg next to his thigh. He stepped very close and put his face very close to my neck and began smelling me like he did my panties. With each long sniff, he just kept saying Hmmmmmmm, and I could hear him licking his lips. My body was shaking and I began to feel weird in my belly and between my legs. Finally, he whispered in my ear…” You’re almost ready, almost time.” He put my panties on the counter and went outside.

**Me:** OMG! Did you tell your mom? What did you think?

**She:** I wondered he was gonna attack me. I didn’t know what I need to do, but I went to the bathroom because my panties felt wet. I didn’t pee but for some reason my pussy was wet. I don’t know, did I like what he did? I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything.

**Me:** Your mom never noticed what he was doing?

**She:** Idk. He was very demanding with her. She came home that day and he said to her in an angry tone that he’s not hearing any of her crap tonight. He told her that she’s going to take care of him or he’s going to go downstairs and get what he needs. At the time I didn’t know what that meant. I overheard my mom once talking to her BFF telling her that my stepdad wants to fuck every day and that he is so big and very rough. She said she likes it sometimes but she can’t keep up. She said she’s worried that I’m getting very developed and what he might do. She said he turns into a demon until he gets satisfied.

**Me:** Going downstairs meant for you a teenage girl to satisfy his sexual needs if your mom didn’t give it to him?

**She:** Yes. My mom told me to keep my door locked when I’m in my room and to block it with the chair or dresser when she’s not home.

**Me:** What would you do if he came into your room and took out his monster to fuck you? Would you let him?

**She:** Idk, Part of me would like to at least see it, another part of me is very scared if he did. I wouldn’t be able to stop him if he really wanted me. I hear him sometimes with my mom. Once I heard a lot of noise from their room and he kept telling her to get this shit off and open her fucking legs and I would hear her beg him to please go easy. I went into their room the next day when nobody was home and I saw her bra and panties ripped and in the garbage where he tore them off her. I have mixed feelings about it.

**Me:** Why do you guys stay there if he’s a beast?

**She:** I told my mom what I heard and asked her. She said It’s fine as long as he gets what he needs. It’s just that she needs a break sometimes. She said she told him maybe he should get a side piece. He said he has enough pussy in this house and if he needs to he will use all of it. She told me to be aware that he might try to fuck me. I didn’t tell her that he kinda tried already.

**Me:** You sound like you’re going to give it to him if he tries?

**She:** I am curious about seeing how big it is. If he comes for me I’ll have no choice. Maybe I’ll like it and give my mom a break. I guess I’ll leave my door unlocked. I won’t tell him this, so if it happens I’ll have to try and take it if the time comes.

(My cock has been hard the entire time. I take my clothes off and stroke my meat for the trip across the hall)

**Me:** It’s time!


She’s looking at her computer in the Reddit chat window as I open her door and walk into her room with my cock in my fist. She turns and gasps at the sight of me. I tell her again… IT’S TIME! As I close the door.

NSFW: yes

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