Surprise Attack: Part One (kidnapping/dubcon) All over 18

***This is a fictional erotic story written by me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. My stories fall under genres such as: “BDSM, non-con, dub-con, reluctance, & consensually non-con.” This is my fantasy, with me playing the character of the prey/sub/victim, not yours. The key word here, is fantasy. I DO NOT encourage or condone failing to obtain proper and excited consent in any real-life situation. In real life, all the time practice kinks with consent. You are not being forced to read this, so if you choose to then be nice and enjoy. Follow me to keep up to date on all my stories & read my bio for more fun! ☺️***

I should have seen it coming, but it happened so quickly. I had seen the van up ahead, making myself aware of its presence. I returned my attention to my phone; the daylight provided a false security. Plus, this is a public place, not like people with vans can’t be here too. As I strolled through the park, in my own world. I looked up at the banner on my phone when the van door clanked open. The hairs on the back of my neck stood and a shiver shooting up my spine as my instincts quickly snap into play. I start to turn around, checking my surroundings when a hand covered my mouth and pulled me into the van. My attempts to prevent this just landed me bruising on my chins and knees.

Once in the van, my adrenaline was rushing. I looked around frantically, the metal and empty van closing in around me. I looked up at whoever was gripping my mouth so tightly, a mask covering their face. I waved my arms around, hitting the masked kidnapper in the face. This didn’t faze them though as duct tape appeared, a strip already lifted from the roll. The hand came off my mouth, so I attempted to scream. As quick as a scream start to escape my mouth, the tape came down over it.

While the kidnappers’ hands were busy placing the tape over my mouth, I attempted to escape. I crawled towards the back doors, knowing it was my best bet. I grabbed the handle, excitement rushing through my body only for the door handle not to work. It was child locked. Fuck. As I am realizing my situation, my body is yanked backwards by my ankle. The fall causes me to hit my head hard enough to pass out.

When I wake up, the van is moving. I pick up my head, the pain from the fall throbbing above my eye. “Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain…” the song from the trendy rape scene in clockwork orange playing through the speakers. I continue to look around, realizing I’m hog-tied. I try to look behind me, where the driver would be but am unable to crane my neck far enough. After what felt like forever, the van came to a stop. I listen closely to everything, trying to prepare myself somehow. The keys jingling as the ignition switches off. The engine shaking to a halt. The car door handle snaps back, plastic hitting plastic as the wind gushed in. The door shuts, footsteps on pavement moving along the side of the van towards the back doors. I expected the doors to open but instead the footsteps continued past the van. Silence.

Something squeaky moved towards the van along with footsteps again. The back door swings open, I look up and see that the person was wearing a mask again. At this point, I just want to know who it is. Behind them is a dirty wheelbarrow and I have a feeling that’s where I’ll be placed next. As my assumption is confirmed, I lay uncomfortably in it. My chin on the front and my knees against the back corners. The dirt inside was coarse, both dirtying and scratching my exposed skin. The wheelbarrow was rolled into a large shop & taken all the way to the back where there was a large cage.

The masked individual picked me up and laid me on the floor in the cage. Then they start to untie me, my shoulders, knees, and hips hurting too much to immediately move. While I struggle, the cage door closes behind me. I sit up and rest against the inside of the cage, peeling at the duct tape still wrapped around my face. The masked figure fades away into the darkness while I’m screaming “you can’t just leave me here! What the fuck, let me out!” No responses come my way, so I stop wasting my energy and start to look for a way out.
At some point, I must have fell asleep because when I wake up there is another person in the cage with me. Unlike me though, he wasn’t untied before the kidnapper left. He notices that I’m awake and begins to moan and groan through the fabric gagging his mouth trying to get my attention. I looked over at him, assessing his danger to me. His hands were tied behind his back, and he was sporting a black eye. He was much larger than me though. I hadn’t decided yet if this would be in my favor or not. On one hand, he could help me get out. On the other, he could be just a different sort of evil than whoever put us in here. Considering how tired and beaten he looked, I took the risk that he was in just as much danger as me. I sat up and crawled over to him, removing the gag. “Thank you,” he said to me, as I leaned over and untied his hands as well.

Once he was free of the rope, he brought his hands around front rolling his wrists in circles. Then he massaged each wrist and hand out, the rope leaving indents anyway. “Are you okay?” he asked me. “I’m in a cage and I have no idea why. No, I’m not okay” I snapped back. He moved towards me, “your legs…” he said in a worried tone that cut off as I crab-crawled backwards away from him. He looked hurt, betrayed but that quickly changed to understanding. “I’m sorry” he said, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just noticed you have a lot of bruising and lacerations on your shins, and I have kids, so I go into autopilot sometimes.” He has kids. Fuck, that’s worse than me. I have people that are missing me right now, but not kids. Thankfully. “You have kids? Why are we in here? We have nothing in common. I’m female, you’re male. I’m not a mother, you are a father. This makes no sense.” He scoffed, “tell me about it. Your guess is as good as mine.”

A few hours of silence went by, when a bright light blinded the footsteps behind it moving towards us. The cage door opened; two plates pushed in on the ground. A water jug was left as well. Neither of us knew what or who was behind the light, so we didn’t rush out towards it. The cage closed and the figure walked away. I screamed at it again, “come back you fucking coward.” The figure froze, I start to speak again. “Yeah, you mother-“ I was cut off with my cell mate covering my mouth and pulling me in towards him. He begins to shoosh me as he does. The footsteps continue to leave after a few seconds of silence. Once the person is gone, my cellmate lets go of me. “Why would you do that?!” I yelled at him. “You’re going to get yourself killed. Don’t you want to get out of here alive? Because calling the psychopath names isn’t going to help us” he snapped back. I was angry, breathing heavily but didn’t have a good rebuttal to that so I remained silent.

Over the next few days, we took notes of when the kidnapper came and what they brought. It was all the time with a light that blinds our view of them. Our food never came with utensils, so we had no way of making weapons. We were fed once a day, our water jug switched out at that same time with a full one. The cage itself was in the cement, making it impossible to dig out. The metal from the sides continued above our heads as well, with the squares small in diameter making it impossible to get a hand through. The lock was automated and unpickable as well. After days of plans that were all met with dead ends, we decided that the only way to get out would be to ambush them at our next meal. Tomorrow would be our seventh day and meal, we would either get out or die trying.

Bee and I had grown close over the past week, trauma bonding becoming our only source of comfort or understanding. We didn’t have a blanket either, so we ended up giving in and spooning for warmth by the third night. It wasn’t sexual, just survival. We spent the nights talking about our families and what we were excited to do when we got back home. He was gonna have a lot of making up to do to his daughter, as he had missed her play. I was gonna make my husband and I dinner and then watch our favorite show together. I just wanted to be in a place where I knew what to expect. No surprises. We didn’t know if we would make it out alive tomorrow, but we would try. “Hey Bee, what if we die tomorrow?” He stayed silent for a few seconds, “let’s not think about that” he said. “I can’t help it. What if I never go swimming again? Eat ice cream or sleep in the middle of the bed? What if I never have sex again?” He laughed, “well I hate to break it to you, but I can only fix one of those things right now & I don’t think our spouses would appreciate that.” I laughed back, agreeable at first but then deciding that tonight was possibly my last night to live.

I sat up and looked at Bee “fuck me.” He sat up too, laughing at me but not taking me seriously. “Yeah, okay Emma.” I looked him in the eyes, “I’m serious.” He froze, looking around the cage like it would give an answer for him. I took off my dress and stared at him. He looked back at me, caressing my face, and leaning into my incoming kiss. Our tongues inter-locked, mouths holding onto what could be our last touch of intimacy. He reached out, picking me up slightly and laying me down on my back. He kissed down my jawbone to my neck. His tongue slipping out slightly as he reaches the middle of my neck. I moan out, enjoying the foreplay. He reaches my collar bone, moving down to my breasts. His mouth making out with my nipples as his hands hold a breast in each hand. I his head down towards my pussy, wanting him to do the same thing there.

Lightly he nibbles the inside of my legs, making me squirm. He moves in, spreading my labia and flicking his tongue against my clit in a slow but steady rate. The pressure combined with this brought me to the edge quickly. Something about “last night alive” sex that hits slightly different. I grabbed his head, pulling him into me as I orgasmed against his mouth. My body spasmed, waves rolling through my legs, then back and shoulders over and over. When my body came to rest, he kneeled, pulling his erect cock out of his pants. He grabbed my hips, lifting them and sliding into my cum-lubricated pussy. He growled, easily picking me up into his lap and holding my head and back in place. We worked together, me moving down on to him as he thrusted up into me. He leaned in, biting, and suckling my nipple as he buried himself inside of me. He lifted me off him and laid me on my back again, folding me so my legs were on his shoulders. He thrusted in, going deeper than ever. I moaned out, his cock taking up more space than I had to give. His hands gripped my shoulders and he pushed into me, cumming inside me. Breathing heavily, he rolled sideways onto his back. He laid there silent, cooling down as I did the same next to him. His cum start to leak from my pussy onto the floor below me. When he sat up, he kindly wiped the cum off me and the floor with his shirt. Once he finished with this, he pulled me into him, and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, we both woke up and got dressed, not focusing on what happened the night before. Neither of us spoke about it, knowing that once we escaped here, we would go back to our own families and lives. “Okay, so when this person brings the food, I will rush him as he is setting the food down. You make a run for the backdoor. Don’t stop until you get to someone that can call the police. Got it?” He asked. I nodded my head yes, nervous. “What happens if you don’t make it out?” I asked. He looked at me, a worried expression plaguing his face, “one of us needs to get out, so you can’t focus on that. Just run when they come, and I will do my best to do the same.” I was sad to think that we wouldn’t both escape, but I nodded in agreement and waited.

When the time came, we saw the bright light moving in towards us. We looked at one another one last time, agreeing that this was it without having to say it. The lock on the gate clinked, the sound indicating that it had been unlocked. The gate begins to open, and the first plate came down, Bee launching himself through the gate at the threat. I ran quickly behind him, making my way to the back of the building. I frantically looked around the dark room as I hear the two wrestling behind me. I see a large “EXIT” sign to the left of me and make a run for it, seeing that it leads down a hall. There is a large door at the end. I become laser focused on it knowing that this is my chance. I make it to the door and struggle with making my hands work. They’re shaking as I hear someone walking towards me down the hall now. I turn around to try to see who it is as I’m fumbling with the doorknob, seeing a large figure making their way to me.

The knob turns open finally and my body weight that was leaned into the door pushes it open. I fall onto the ground on the other side of the door, sliding backwards and trying to stand back up when the door swings back open. The dark figure a shadow in the doorway. I turn to run, only to realize that this wasn’t an exit. I spin, seeing the wall covered in numerous sex toys. The boards and bedding created for fucking. I start to hyperventilate, seeing numerous forms of sexual torture filling the room, porn playing on the tv on the wall. When I turn around, Bee is standing there. Watching me. I’m relieved but gasping for air as I tell him “This is a trick exit, go!” I run toward him, ready to run and discover a new exit but he picks me up and quickly slaps handcuffs on me, securing me to a post coming down through the ceiling. I’m so confused. “What is going on Bee, we need to get out of here.” He grinned at me, reveling in my confusion and terror. “Emma, Emma, Emma” he said, antagonizing me. “I really enjoyed getting to know you this week, you told me so much so quickly. I thought I would have to be in that cage with you for at least a month.” My eyes widened, realizing that I was wrong about him. He had spent a week lying to me and manipulating me. “You’re sick,” I told him, disgusted with him. He stalked towards me, grabbing my face much rougher than the evening prior and said “yes, I am very sick and now that I know everything that matters to you, we are going to have a lot of fun.”

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