A group of demons were performing a surgery on the demon lord Sasuke inside an operating theatre. Many demons were intently observing the surgery unfolds curious as to know what made demon lord Sasuke the most powerful demon lord in all of existence. Certainly, they wondered that his physiology was unlike the physiology of any demonic being. After all, the demon lord Sasuke himself had to seal himself away from the demonic realm in order to prevent its utter destruction. “This is unlike anything I’ve seen.” said the head surgeon. “Look at the barbells that are inserted all over his inner skin. It’s holding the gender-swapped Narutos in place.” “What are these little bee-like things flying inside his abdomen?” asked an assistant surgeon. “Those are lesser gender-swapped Narutos. They are acting as reconnaissance units. They are surveying his abdomen in order to alert against any intruder and monitor the migration patterns of the humpback gender-swapped Narutos.” “Humpback gender-swapped Narutos?” “You see the huge group of buffalo-like creatures over there? They’re grazing the little mushroom-like thingy all over his peritoneum.” “Ah, I see!” There was a large plate of armor affixed over the rib cage. On the edge of it, there was a small outlet. The head surgeon ran a computer cable to the outlet which made the screen of his laptop display a curtain of ever-changing hexadecimal characters. “You see, demon lord Sasuke is the fastest supercomputer in this universe.” informed the head surgeon. “But how?” asked an assistant surgeon. “You see the flashing gender-swapped Naruto over there? The little thing that’s connected to the circumvoluted mass over there that looks like a brain? Well, that’s actually his intestine and it’s acting as a second brain. The flashing gender-swapped Naruto acts as cache for the second brain and then emits the data generated to the metallic ribcage for further processing. There are honeycomb cells inside that huge ribcage and each of them contains a gender-swapped Naruto squirting pussy juice at a demonic magic rune to process complex simulations.” “I am not sure I follow, but okay.” “The data generated inside the ribcage is then fed to an interface which directs the data to the correct destinations. This allows the three-dimensional gender-swapped Narutos to interact with the four-dimensional gender-swapped Naruto by feeding the graphically processed tesseract-filled geometries to their eye sockets. The larger one a little further down is connected to Sasuke’s brain. It’s running a 512 bit version of Skyrim.” “Who installed several mods featuring a gender-swapped Naruto?” complained Sasuke. “Now, my whole load order is ruined. I have to start from scratch.” “Is he still alive?” “Yes, but as long as he’s playing Skyrim he won’t pose any danger to us.” The head surgeon then lifted Sasuke’s eyelid, which revealed a ring that was holding his eyes into place preventing him from making an ahegao face from the constant sucking and prodding all over his body and within his body. “You see without this larger gender-swapped Naruto. We’d be all dead by now, or worse.” the head surgeon said after grabbing her. Without realizing it, he unplugged the larger gender-swapped Naruto from Sasuke’s brain, which snapped him out of his self-inflicted trance-like state. A furious Sasuke spread his dark tentacle magic and turned the demons inside the operating theatre into gender-swapped monstrosities and made them battle the gender-swapped Narutos inside and all over his body for all eternity. The end.

NSFW: yes

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