Sucking my boss 18+ (M/20’s)(M/40’s) – Short Sex Story

I worked in promoting for a bit in my early 20’s. It was a sweet gig because I didn’t have a set schedule and as long as I handled my end, nobody really interacted with me. It wasn’t out of the normal for me to put in less than six hours a day, taking days off during the week as I needed, no questions asked. Also, nobody worked weekends. It was a chill environment. My boss, a man in his early 40’s, was pretty relaxed about things. It wasn’t the job I was going to retire from but for a young guy who’s till valued his free time but wanted to make some decent money, it was perfect. About a year and a half into the job, I had an experience that changed my life.

I came into the office one morning to drop off some paperwork and grab my check(this is before direct deposit). We had just wrapped up with a big profile and I was taking a three day weekend, due to me working close to 50 hours over the last 4 days to get it finished the way they wanted. My boss was in, judging by his car being the only one there. It was early, ordinary for me being an early riser, not so ordinary for him, as he normally worked from 8 or 9 in the morning until evening. Sometimes he would come in early like this but not often.

I walked in and made my way over to his office, not hearing anything. Maybe he was napping. His door was closed but nobody followed any protocol about knocking, he never insisted and so everyone just entered his office. If he was entertaining, he would hang a Do Not Disturb sign from the doorknob that he’d swiped from a hotel somewhere along the way. I opened the door and there he sat on the loveseat he would seat clients on, pants around his ankles, cock in hand, eyes closed, stroking away.

I noticed two things immediately. The shape of his cock and the fact I was getting hard. The head was a flared mushroom with a gentle curve up. It was maybe 6” and thick as my wrist. A real handful. He was hairless and I could see his plum sized balls bouncing gently in rhythm. But I kept looking at his cock. It looked really nice. I’d never noticed how nice cocks look before. I mean, I have one and I’ve seen plenty in porn. I kept looking at the pink, shiny head, wondering what it felt like. The shaft was red and purple mixed. It looked almost painful. That’s when I noticed his eyes were open. My own, equally painful erection was clearly tenting my shorts, which he was looking at.

Making eye contact, I felt I needed to say something but I couldn’t. The fact he was still jerking off didn’t even register in my mind until he took his hand away, revealing his entire cock. I felt a strong urge to touch it. Perhaps sensing it, he gently motioned me to him. I took a step, then another and now was standing right in front of him. I knelt down and took it in my hand. I marveled at the way it was hard yet smooth and soft at the same time. I pumped it once and he let out air, making my cock twitch. I realized I wanted to make him feel good so my hand kept pumping him, slowly. I was mesmerized by the way his pink mushroom head looked so enticing.

“Go ahead, suck it. Nobody will know,” he whispered.

I could see a puddle of precum at the tip so I leaned in and licked it, liking the sweet/salty taste. I licked his head, consumed by the soft, silky texture and wanted more. So I eased the head in past my lips, sliding my tongue along the bottom, keeping my teeth pulled back behind my lips. He hissed in lust as I tasted the salty, musky flavor of cock. I almost came, I think. I had never been so aroused. He moaned and I wanted to do more for him so I slid my wet mouth down more, finding my limit then sliding back up before sliding back down. I was beside myself with lust and all my inhibitions were no swept away as I realized my true passion and began bobbing away in earnest. Sliding my tongue around his head as much as feasible on every upstroke I felt his cock tremble. I had only been at it for a couple minutes at this point and it twitched then trembled again, swelling to even thicker size than before when he said ‘I’m going to cum’ and then moaned a long raspy moan when his cock jerked then shot a long spray of cum into the back of my mouth, recoiled then fired again. I slid back until just the head was in and swallowed the bitter/salty load as he pumped couple smaller jets onto my tongue, moaning loudly the entire time. I swallowed all he gave me as I reached down and squeezed my cock, which made me cum so hard I lost track of everything.

Perhaps a minute later, I regained my senses as he withdrew his now soft cock from my swollen lips. I could smell and taste cum, wishing it could happen again. Looking up he smiled an asked if I’d done this before. I shook my head. He nodded and we both stood. He was his usual self an we got my stuff handled, wished each other a nice weekend, then I turned to leave. He said he’d be in early on Monday, a began going over some papers at his desk. I made sure to set my alarm for early Monday morning before bed that Sunday night.

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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