submit to a stranger (thnx to the muse)

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NSFW: yes

Football season is on the way. On payday, I go to the sporting goods store. I want a mesh team jersey to go braless under. I discover the football jerseys and begin leafing through. A man is across the display from me. “Looking for your boyfriend?” he asks. “No,” I say shortly. A few moments pass. “Hey, can you pass me the Carolina 88 to your left?” I slightly turn, see it, and stretch across the display to reach him. His eyebrows raise. “Good girl,” he says instead of thank you. I suddenly realize from my leaning forward position and the cast of his eyes he can see straight down my shirt. I’m instantly flushed, the blood rush makes me light headed. I know he sees the nipple clamps. I shake the shirt at him, trying to get him to take it and he just stares with a smirk. He pitches his voice low. “Where’s your Daddy, baby?” I drop the shirt and slowly straighten. “Do you need a Daddy?” I inhale sharply and my nipples throb more intensely. I can not meet his eyes, but I nod. “Okay, baby, find your shirt and come with me.” And there one is, right in front of me. I grab it and he leads me to checkout. We buy our shirts and as we’re at the checkout, he stands directly behind me. He strokes the seam down the center of my ass, runs a finger down the seam of my pussy. Then he moves back slightly and it’s all I can do not to step back and rub against him. There’s an adult store down a hallway with one bend, and this is where he leads me next, his arm around my waist. After the bend, he stops me. “Put your new shirt on.” “Right here?” “The correct response is yes, Daddy.” He reaches out and flicks my nipple. “Thank you Daddy,” I moan, and pull my shirt over my head. “That’s beautiful, slut,” he says softly, staring at the clamps. I pull the tag off the new shirt and slip it over my head just as someone turns the corner. Daddy is between us, so I finish pulling it down without being seen. “How do you feel?” he asks and squeezes my tit. “Slutty,” I say. “Good. I want you to enjoy this.” We continue to the store and Daddy goes to the lube section, then toys. He picks out a butt plug. “It’s a little big, Daddy,” I whisper. “Think how good it’s going to feel slowly stretching you open.” I moan.”Yes, please Daddy.” He pays for the items. As we leave the store he says “You’re coming with me to my truck. Don’t worry. You don’t have to get in.” He puts his hand possessively around the back of my neck and I’m fighting the urge to drop to my knees and suck him off. At Daddy’s truck, he opens the door. “Bend over the seat,” he tells me. It’s leather and very plush. I can not help rolling my ass at him. He steps up close behind me. Pulls my pants down to my thighs and stares at my wet cunt for a moment. Then he spits on my asshole, puts lube on the plug and, oh- was so right! He’s going almost torturously slow but the plug feels DELICIOUS. Too soon, it’s in all the way and not stretching me out anymore. “Thank you Daddy,” I moan, half in contentment, half in desire. He starts to rub his hot, hard cock on my ass. Soon he’s jerking himself off. He presses against my ass when he comes and I feel it spurting.

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