Stuffed On Thanksgiving

My dad was hosting this year thanksgiving, I was getting ready while everyone was cooking and hanging out downstairs. My uncle came with his wife and his two teen boys, my grandpa came over. My dad’s current girlfriend came over as well. I come down stairs wearing a nice tight dress showing off my teen body and my curves. I say hello to everyone. I look around and see all the men iv been fucking. Best friend in the world came over, Ashley was wearing a matching dress to mine, but mine was red and here’s was black. We are talking and laughing. All the men are watching football while my dad and his girlfriend and my aunt were cooking. It was almost time for dinner, when there’s a knock on the door. I go to answer it. I open the door it was my very hung neighbor iv been ducking as well. He asked if he could eat over here since his family was working and his wife took the kids. I asked daddy he said sure why not. He comes in and they begin to set the table. My friend Ashley asked about Darin my neighbor, I say he’s so big. The one thing about Ashley she’s not as open as I am to fucking anyone. She has bigger tits than me but I got the fatter ass, we work perfect together. We sit down and enjoy dinner we all talk and have a great time talking and enjoying each other business. As the night goes on people are full and tired, my abut says she’s taking the kids Black Friday shopping, my uncle says he’s gonna finishing watching the games. My dads girlfriend says she’ll tag along with them. So when they leave, it’s me and Ashley and 4 men all to ourselves. My dad ask Darin to stay and enjoy the rest of the night. Me and Ashley go up stairs to freshen up, she so nervous, I tell her it’s fine relax enjoy tonight. My dad tells Darin dessert is coming soon and hope he enjoys it. Me and Ashley walk down stairs completely naked. While all 4 men are sitting on the couch, I ask Ashley who does she want first, she says my dad and Darin. I’m so jealous but she’s my guess. I get my uncle and grandpa. Darin and my dad stand up feeling her body sucking on her tits and touching her every inch of her body. I sit between my uncle and grandpa, they begin to touch me and kiss me. My uncle pulls my head down and takes out his cock shoved it in my mouth, I gag on it. My head starts to go up and down, while grandpa starts to eat me out feeling his tongue lick my pussy. Ashley drops to her knees and has two big cocks in her face, she starts to suck them both, one at a time. My dad and Darin take turn face fucking her. My mouth is working uncles dick, when grandpa slides deep inside me and starts to fuck me. My ass jiggles as he fucks my pussy. My uncle grabs my head and starts to face fuck me, Darin picks Ashley up and takes her to the couch next to us tells her to get on top, she starts to mount him I hear her moan when his enormous BBC starts to enter her. She begins to ride him, my dad gets behind her and spits on her asshole, he slides his dick into her ass. They begin to DP her hard and fast, she’s screaming and moaning, my uncle tells grandpa to switch positions, he pulls out my uncle gets up and gets behind me brings my ass up and slides into my wet pussy, I start to moan, my grandpa put his dick into my mouth, i starts to suck it my head going back and forth. Ashley is screaming feeling two big dicks stretch her out, my dad picks up the pace while Darin is pile driving the fuck out her pussy. They all pull out Ashley taps out I laugh, my dad says there’s a special tonight. I look confused. My uncle lays on the floor my dad tells me to get on him, I jump on his dick, my wet teen pussy slide onto his dick, my dad gets behind me and slides his dick inside my pussy as well I scream loud, Ashley can’t believe it. Both there dicks inside my pussy, than Darin puts his dick into my fat ass, I have 3 dicks in two holes, my body starts to shake, my grandpa put his dick in my mouth, I’m fully stuffed, they begin to fuck me, Ashley is amazed I’m taking it all, my moans and screams start muffled my grandpas dick, he looks over and sees, Ashley he takes his dick out and tells her to bend over the couch, he starts to fuck her, while I’m getting destroyed. My screams can be heard in every room of the house, they go faster and harder, than each one pulls out. They tells me and Ashley to get on our knees, they stand around us we feel 4 loads of cum covering our faces and hair. We begin to kiss, as load after load cover our faces. We are covered in cum, and my holes are fully gapped.

Hope you enjoy 😘

NSFW: yes

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