Study Buddy Makes Me Hot and Bothered

When I was in school, I saw this big boobed girl come into one of my classes. Knowing how partnering typically goes at my college, I made sure to invite her to a seat next to mine. When it came time to partner up, we were grouped together. I was so excited! I was still a virgin at the time though, and didn’t know how to bring up the subject of sex.

Anyways, fast forward to the first day we had to meet up. I didn’t live on campus, so she offered her dorm as the meetup place. I got to her dorm building and waited outside. It got to be 10-15 minutes past when she was supposed to let me in, and she didn’t show up. I called her and she answered, and realized she had fallen asleep and had to meet up with me. So she came down in booty shorts, a crop top, and NO BRA. Her DD breasts looked so gorgeous and free. Her nipples were extremely perky too, and were poking through her shirt. I could barely keep my eyes off of them.

Anyways she brought me up to the common area so we could start discussing our project. When I realized that I had starting getting a boner, and she was eyeing it, I said “sorry, I just get turned on very easily.” She asked why. I told her it was because I was a virgin. Then she restated the question and asked what she was doing to turn me on. I then told her that it was her breasts that were. She began asking me what else turned me on. Soon, she was scratching my legs and I had a throbbing boner.

Our other study sessions included her showing me her sexy outfits, her grabbing my thighs and my dick (over my pants), her giving me hickeys, and her flashing her breasts to me.

The last time we got together, she took her breasts out while she was driving and told me I could jerk off. She eyed my dick the whole way, but we couldn’t do anything else because she was chatting someone else up at the time.

I still think about her on occasion, and wonder what we could’ve gotten away with, had we continued. Bailey from FAU, if you’re out there, HMU.

Feel free to HMU anyways if you wanna chat about this or RP a similar plot line.

NSFW: yes

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