Stranger on the beach

My bf and I decided to try a nude beach, at the time it seemed so easy but arriving there it was a completely different story I was nervous as hell and I’ve been to the beach many times but never naked and the difference between a bikini and nude is indescribable. We got there fairly early and after a lot of hesitating we both stripped off and relaxed on the towels. A few people wandered past us and I felt a little uncomfortable at the looks so we moved to a more secluded spot a little higher in the dunes shielded from most of the beach. Then some older guy walked into our view I think he had the same idea as us and he greeted us politely as if we were fully clothed then spread out his towel and stripped off. He was heavily tanned and as he removed his togs I couldn’t help but look at his package. His balls were the size of limes and they hung really low, they framed a thick shaved cock that was fully soft but still impressive. I hadn’t seen anything that big in my life. I was staring without realizing he had looked up and was watching me. My boyfriend looked at me, then the stranger then caught me completely off guard when he said the to the guy “I think she is impressed by what she is seeing”. I gasped and turned away so embarrassed. Then the stranger said “its ok I get that a lot”. Despite the embarrassment my eyes were drawn back to this guy. Laying back confidently his cock rested on his tummy having grown at the attention it had been given. Looking back over his shoulder he was basically looking directly between my thighs he smiled and raised his eyebrows flicking his head slightly gesturing me to show him more. Despite myself I inched my legs aside slightly and was rewarded with a smile. “Are you two together” the stranger asked boldly. I jerked my legs together in shock. My boyfriend answered “yeah” casually opening his eyes and leaning up on one elbow. “ahh” said the stranger, “not going to lie to you your girl is a real looker”. My BF agreed and said how lucky he was. Then this stranger as bold as anything said “I wouldn’t mind trying her”. Shocked I sat and started reaching for my bag and then my boyfriend said “I’d be into that”. I stopped shocked staring at my boyfriend as the stranger took his cue and moved over to me. “Do I get a say in this” I said as the stranger sat down next to my towel. He smelt heavily of coconut oil and as he sat down I noticed his cock had grown to alarming proportions. “Always “ the stranger replied confidently, he gently laid me back down and rolled my onto my tummy. He started to massage my shoulders as he made small comments about my body. Relaxing I lay my head on my hands as I felt his heavily calloused fingers kneed my shoulders. Slowly he massaged my body, expertly, strong and methodically. Working his way down he massaged my lower back and then my legs and arse. I almost forgot I was naked on a beach. Then his massage turned sexual his fingers slipping between my thighs gently forcing then apart. His fingers explored my pussy as I struggled to remain calm. He shifter his weight and I felt him press against my back. It was the point of no return and I could feel his oversized swollen cock between my thighs pushing higher and higher. His legs straddling mine as he began to gently thrust. The head of his oversized cock reached my pussy and he began easing it inside me. I arched my back as my poor little pussy had no choice but to rudely stretch and accommodate him. Once he got the huge head inside me he began working his length into me with a series of more and more desperate thrusts. I felt stretched and so full, I have never had anyone so deep inside me and still he had more length to give. With slow rhythmic pumps he continued to push into me until finally I could feel his balls resting against me. Then he just held himself there feeling my tight pussy clenched onto him. “Oh I’m going to enjoy you” he murmured as he began to slowly fuck me. “Fuck you are a tight little one” he said as he pumped me. I was really struggling to accommodate his cock size but I don’t think that was a problem for him. His slow thrusts turned into faster and faster pumps as he really began to fuck me hard and fast. He didn’t even have a condom but by the time I wondered of this I didn’t care. I clenched the sand as he wrapped a arm around my mouth to stop the involuntary noises I was making. Faster and faster he fucked me until his thighs were slapping loudly against mine. With his other hand he pinned both my hand above him stretching me out like I was some prey and he the ultimate predator. He continued to pound me faster and faster until with one powerful thrust he buried himself to the hilt and exploded inside me in great spurts. I could feel his warm seed flooding my inner most depths and his cock spasmed. Opening my eyes I could see my BF staring in amazement as he pulled his cock bringing himself to shoot his load on the sand. After a few moments my new lover pulled out and I felt his warm cum beginning to drip out of me as my pussy was still stretched and raw. He sat there with one hand on my arse and told me I was a good fuck and he loved Asian pussy and he wouldn’t mind trying me again but perhaps on a hotel.
And that was my first experience in a nude beach.

NSFW: yes

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