Stranger got a handful

I parked at my usual spot. Coffee, porn and jerking off on my truck before getting to work. It’s a quiet place in Pt Loma. Lots of eye candy but I’m hidden in plain sight. Not too any people ever come close enough to know what I’m doing…although I wish a few would. I got complacent this day and instead of the usual pull the cock through my zipper, I pulled my pants down mid thigh. I’m scrolling porn and jerking off. I’m wrapped up in it I realize I’m about to blow my load and I had nothing to catch my cum. I put the phone down and I reach behind me, looking for my towel. All of a sudden there is a tap in my glass, hoping it’s not a cop I slowly sit down and turn towards the drivers window. It’d a woman. Dressed to work out. Pants are still down….and she is staring me dead in the eye. I lower the window as I pull my towel over my crotch. “Good morning” I stutter. ” good morning” she returns and smiles as does. Her smile relaxes me. ” I’ve noticed your here a lot, and i only figured out the other day what you do”. “I’ve never actually seen anything, but I could tell what your up too.” I have seen her too. One of the more stunning moms that workout with the stroller moms. “You’re with the stroller group, aren’t you” I ask. Her face lights up. “Yes I am”. “Only a few of us are on to you, and I’m the only one brave enough to see what you got.” “There are a lot of guesses on your size” she stated. “We notice you on your walks, you never say hi”, “no, I don’t i said. You are all always on the go”. I notice her nipples through her sports bra. “Well” she blurted. ” do your thing” I’ve got a bet to win she said with smile. I move the towel and he wasn’t very impressive. But I started playing with him, and he began to swell. As he got bigger so did her eyes. I shifted in my seat rolling my hips so she got a better view and also inviting her in if she wanted a feel. I rested my arm in the window as I stroked with the other hand. Her nipples were more visible now. She made a point to have her tits brush my arm. I moved my arm, grabbing her tits as I reached behind her, brushing her back and eventually letting my arm hang outside the truck. “Your bold” she stated “you think that’s bold” I say as i reach back for her tits. I place my palm flat against her sternum l, just below her neck and clavicle. Then slide my hand under her sports bra, getting a hand full of her tit. She had a huge set, atleast a D cup. I kept stroking as I gropped and pinched her nipples. Nervously she pulled my hand out., giggling a little. She bit her lip as her tiny hand reached in through the truck. She was inches away from wrapping her fingers around cock….*smack* I popped her on the hand. She withdrew puzzled why a smacked her. “You need to ask first” her face wrinkled up as she reached in faster *smack* ASK!! I darted out. I grabbed her breasts again through her sports bra. “Ask to touch my cock. Sheepishly, she began to speak ” can I touch..” I interputred her “louder” I can’t hear you”. A little louder she defiantly looks me in the eye “can i touch your cock” I’m fucking rock hard by now. I nod my head and tell her to proceed. Her hands were soft and warm as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. She smiled and giggled, ” it’s pretty big” she said. Slowly stroking it she adds her other hand. Slow stroking my cock with both hands. “Will you take a pic for me, she asked, just my hands and your cock.” “Only.if you show the other curious moms” I teasingly say. She let’s go to get her phone, andninopen the door so she can get closer. As she resumes her two-handed stroke I pull her sports bra up over her tits. Her tit in my lap as she works my cock. I grab her phone and take a selfie of us. Her tits out, andni made sure to get her face. She turned red as I said, that’s the pic you show them. I went ahead and texted the pic to myself then returned my hands to her exposed breasts. As I played with her nipples she stroked faster. I wanted to grab her face and put her sexy lips on my cock but I let her work it. She stopped from time to time to spit on my cock, and by now my arm was wrapped around her, down the back of her tight workout pants. Playing with her buttcheeks and asshole and eventually fingering her pussy, she was not shaven, bit it felt nice. She moaned a bit as she furiously jerked me off. I kept watch too I noticed a couple of the stroller moms looking this way but just quick glances. I’m sure they couldn’t tell what was going on. I grab the towel to cum and she moans as rope after rope of white cum explode out of my cock on to my dark blue towel. I pull my hand out-of her pants and smack her ass as I feel her tongue lick the tip of my cock. She sucks on the tip a little bit before putting her tits away. ” Well, did you win the bet?” “You’ll understand tomorrow shebm giggled as she bounced off to her group.

NSFW: yes

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