Strange New Dimension Part 2


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Make sure to read part 1 first.

“What can I help you with?” I asked her. She was a pretty Asian girl in her early 20s, pretty close to my age. She had straight black hair that was put up in a ponytail. She approached me slowly.

“Sorry to be so forward but would you mind fucking me?” My head spun.

“I’m sorry…what?”

“Well I was walking by and you looked hot. I’ve been having trouble cumming on my own and I figured a sexy man like you could do the trick.”

“I…uh…” I was trying my best not to pass out.

“I’m already so wet.” She lifted up her skirt to reveal her soaking wet panties.


I found myself staring. She muttered, “so…will you?”

“I…uh…should we go somewhere?”

“No,” she said casually, “here is fine.” She pulled off her underwear and started rubbing her pussy. I was getting hard and it was starting to show. She smiled and got down on her knees.

She took my cock out and started to suck it. I looked around nervously, even if this was supposed to be typical in this new world I was still freaking out that some would catch us.

She looked up at me as she slobbered all over my cock.

Fuck…you’re good at this.” The public play was driving me crazy and I could feel myself getting harder and harder. Finally she took my cock out of her mouth and stood up.

“Time for the good part.” She lifted up her skirt and settled herself on top of me. It took a second for her to squeeze my cock into her tight pussy. “Fuck,” she said, “you have a great cock.” She started to ride me and as she did she pulled her shirt off to reveal her gorgeous tits.

At this point I had accepted my extremely ridiculous circumstances and grabbed her tits in my hands. I played with them while she bounced up and down on me. This was too much for me.

“Fuck…” she said, “this is the best cock I’ve had in a while.” Her head was rolling back. As her hips moved on their own. She looked like she was getting tired but I didn’t think she was done yet. I grabbed her hips and started to pound into her hard. “Yes! Yes! Fuck that’s what I need!”

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” She yelled as she squirted a mess everywhere. I had to slow down to make sure I didn’t explode at that exact moment, plus she looked like she needed a second.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes I’m fine thank you. Now I need to return the favor.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ll you haven’t cum yet. It’s okay you can cum inside me, it’s safe to do so. You can pretend to breed me if that’s what you want but it’s okay. In fact, would you please cum inside me?”

She said this all so casually, as if it was a company discussion. She didn’t need to tell me twice, I grabbed her by her hips again and started pounding into her even harder. A small crowd started to form, observing us as we fucked away the day. Some of them were discussing our technique, complimenting our bodies, and causally saying how they wanted to get fucked like that.

I loved putting in a show and I was at my breaking point. I fucked her harder and harder until finally I filled up her tight pussy with all my cum. As we finished the crowd began to applaud.

She quickly hopped off me and put her clothes back on.

“Thank you for fucking me and making me cum, sir. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Uh…yeah, you too.” Then she causally walked away and I got dressed and hurried away as the crowd dispersed.

Later in the day I found myself back in my room laying comfortably in my bed. Maybe tomorrow I’d wake up and everything would be typical again, probably for the best, then I heard a knock at my door and my roommate’s girlfriend walked in,

“H? Can I talk to you for a second?”

To be Continued…

NSFW: yes

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