Stockholm Syndrome

“Pineapple, pineapple, PINEAPPLEE!” I sang, bouncing around you as you cut a pineapple for me into stick shapes the way I like. I could tell you were slightly annoyed with all the noise I was making but I could still see a smile creep on your face.

I went to Stiltskin the cat and took her paws and bounced around with her singing for pineapples. I didn’t know why I was so hyper but I was really excited for pineapples and in an overall good mood.


Especially around you.


It had been 2 months and something days since you took me that night. You made your move as I was walking through a wooded area on my way home from college. I was completely unaware of your presence until you grabbed me from behind. I don’t know what you did but I passed out and woke up here. I still don’t know where I am. I’m scared sometimes. Sometimes I cower underneath the duvet at night time worried about what will come next. At first you were mean and demanding and just an overall asshole to me really. But as time went on you showed me kindness, you showed me gentleness, but you never stopped showing me harshness. It was so hard to grow accustomed to you. It was so difficult those first few days as you repeatedly raped, beat and starved me into your personal little rapeslut.


You were home a lot more these past few weeks and you spent a lot more time with me. I don’t know if it was intentional or not. The first few weeks, every day was a violent wrestling match for us. I never went down without a fight and you never took what you wanted without at least a few scratches on you.


After the first 2 weeks you had made rules for me when you let me out of your basement. Rules like what I should wear in the house on certain days, what I should wear when I’m around you, how I should greet you when you come home, how I should be seen when you come home. How I should greet you in the morning, how I should check out with you at night time. So many rules. And I was defiant in not following them. But that didn’t last long, I was tired of getting beaten. I was tired of being forced down when it could have been a simple and quick ‘just do it and go’ thing.


So naturally these rules became second nature to me. I didn’t even have to think about it to do it and you saw how I was obedient with these rules and I think that’s what made you become a lot more gentler with me. And the fact that you became more nicer towards me, it almost made me want to obey you more.


Days went by where I hated your guts. I saw you and I just wanted to lunge at you and slap your face or get a pan and hit you on the head with it. But there were also days where I looked at you and I couldn’t stop looking… and I didn’t feel the hate. I hated it when you caught me staring at you. I didn’t want you to have in your mind that I had any other emotion other than hate towards you. But the truth was I did.


On the days where you weren’t forceful towards me when you wanted sex, you were so passionate with every touch, every word, every look. It sent shivers down my spine and electrified my entire body. Not because of the fact that you weren’t forceful but because I was seeing another side to you, a side that I don’t even think that you knew you were showing me. These passionate intimate acts that you did unplugged some wires in my brain and replugged them in different places, because afterwards I felt like I was truly yours but not because I had to be but because I wanted it to be.


As the weeks past, I started to secretly look forward to you coming home. I even started to make myself look good. I did my hair nicely and put on a bit of lip gloss. I also never missed a greeting and I never disobeyed you. Soon our relationship, even though it was still one-sided, it didn’t feel like it as much anymore because you were good to me… most of the time… and I stayed good to you.


I eventually warmed up to talking to you… it took a long time but it happened.. soon we were laughing together and joking together. You gave me more freedom around the house and you gave me more privileges as your trust continued to create.


There were times where I had to refrain myself and ask what exactly was going on… I was so confused. I was confused as to what was happening to me. It’s like… it’s like you had a hold on me.. every part of me. As much as I still wanted to fight it, I couldn’t. I was drawn to you. Mind, body and soul.


I turned to you smiling after you announced you were done with the pineapple. I ran towards my pineapples in excitement and I immediately got to work and munched on them. After eating the whole bowl I offered you the last one by putting it close to your mouth. You looked down at the juicy fruit and took a bite. I instantly beamed up at you with gleaming eyes just smiling. I don’t know what made me feel so happy about you eating my pineapple but I couldn’t help show it.


You chuckled at me with a wild eyed look that sort of read, ‘why are you smiling like that?’ After you took the pineapple from me I retrieved away from you shocked at my own reaction. You didn’t think anything of it and continued to look down at your phone, leaning against the kitchen top and eating the slice of pineapple I had given you. I watched you take your bites and chew and that’s when my eyes ran over your body.


I never actually took the time to admire how damn sexy you actually were. I was at all times so caught up in my thoughts and emotions that I never… noticed… your attractiveness. I watched as your biceps contracted as you lifted your hand to your mouth. I watched you cross a leg over the other to give you a more comfortable stance. I stared at how big and manly your hands were, I loved your hands.


In my mind, I raced over the memories of when you stood inches away from me and you towered over me making my feel small and pathetic. I remembered the times where you put your hands around my throat as you fucked me brutally until I passed out. I remembered the times where you’d slap me and call me your little slut. I remembered the times you hurt me even accidently and it would turn you on. I remembered the times you used to beat me until I was a puddle on the floor for disobeying you. I remembered the times you used to pick me up and slam my back into the wall without care just as long as you got your already leaking-of-pre-cum cock inside me. I remembered the times you’d come home for lunch just to have your dick sucked and leave.

I watched your chest move as your took your breaths..


I could feel myself get insanely wet and you weren’t even doing anything. The amount of power and control you had over my body… my mind… even when you didn’t know it, only made my wetter. I started to walk towards you stalkingly, each step I took I tried to give myself a reason why I shouldn’t do this.


None of the reasons that came to mind were good enough to stop me.


My heart was racing, my throat clumped up, my breathing became rapid and I could feel my eyes water. The last step I took before you would notice I was coming, I asked myself if I was given the chance to leave right now… would i?


The answer that immediately came to mind completely defeated me. I knew what I wanted..


I wanted you… needed you.


I felt like my body and mind prepared its whole life waiting for you. I fought and cried before you but I at all times knew I was meant for you deep down inside. I knew I was made for you. A tear ran down my cheek at the realization of my place and you saw it. Immediately concerned, you perked up and asked me if I was okay. I stayed quiet and walked the last steps of acceptance towards you and looked up at you.


Your eyes were kind and caring. I smiled and slowly put my arms around your neck and locked my hands together when they met. You tilted your head in confusion, excitement and a bit of shock at my actions. Although we were comfortable with each other, I had never made any advances towards you. Especially with the nature of our situation.


I got on my tippy toes and quickly kissed your lips softly. I was in total disbelief of what was happening.. what I was doing… and I could tell you were too. You put your phone down and placed your hands on my waist and lower back, slightly pulling me into you but gently like you were scared to frighten me.


I don’t know what was so different about this time but your touch made me go crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore. Every part of me yearned for you and your touch, your lips, your body, your cock. I wanted you and I wanted you now.


I pounced at you, kissing you hard and passionately. I ran my hands through your hair, down your back and over your arms as my body pressed against yours. You reciprocated immediately and ran your hands all over me as I desperately felt you up and down. You stood up from the leaning position you were in with my head in your hands and you still kissing me. You put me against the wall roughly and you took my thigh and raised it to meet you as you kissed my neck. I felt ecstasy. I wanted more.. more.. MORE!


I removed your shirt and you unbuttoned mine. Usually you would rip it but you were gentle. As our clothes glided towards the floor you cupped my breasts and squeezed them. I moaned at the pain and pleasure of it and ran my hands across your strong chest and abdomen and admired every detail. I kissed almost every part of your torso moving downwards while you stroked my hair in bliss. As I got to the exciting part and began to unzip you, you stopped me.


You took my hand and smiled. You told me that tonight will be my night and that you will make sure I’m taken care of. You stood back and ordered me to remove the rest of my clothes. At first I was hesitant but I was too excited to pay attention to that side of me. I removed the remaining clothes I still had on which were my skirt and black briefs.


I stood before you naked and shy. You ordeed me to come to you and so I did at once. You took my hand again and twirled me around to face away from you and gave my ass a quick feel. I blushed hard. You stood wide and pulled me into you by my waist. You put an arm under mine and across my chest giving you full access you my tits while pinning me against your chest. The other hand found its way to my pussy. You immediately started playing with it and soon the rubbing turned into fingering.


As you finger blasted me I couldn’t help but squirm and moan and try to escape your grasp. But that only made you pull me in tighter and keep me in place. I was moaning so loud you had to cover my mouth but you never stopped what you were doing. My legs were starting to shake and give in. I wasn’t able to stand properly and I started wiggled uncontrollably against your dick. You leaned into me and whispered into my ear how I was yours and that you were so happy and excited that I finally came to that realization.


You walked me over to the table and lifted my leg onto it. You then took out your throbbing cock and fear set in. But I was so turned on at that moment I even started to beg.


“D-daddy, please… please fuck me. Fuck! Daddy!… Take me Daddy please please I can’t wait any longer!”


As much as I wanted you so bad I will never be prepared nor get used to the insertion of you cock into me. As you shoved yourself into me I screamed out but you muffled my cries with your hand over my mouth and pounded me on the kitchen table with no mercy. My cries were mixed in with your growls and groans but we both felt an immense amount of pleasure that we couldn’t deny. You reached for my tits and rolled and pinched my nipples and slapped my ass various times. I felt myself about to cum and my body tensed but you suddenly pulled out. You guided me to my knees and teased yourself with your cock in my mouth. You rubbed it against my tongue but soon found yourself going deeper and deeper. It didn’t take long for you to hold my head while you facefucked me like you didn’t care. You groaned as you slid down my throat and back up it again until you felt yourself about to explode. You pulled out of my mouth and took your dick in your hand and aimed for my face. I immediately closed my eyes and opened my mouth waiting for you to shoot your load on me. It was glorious.. I was sad it ended. I wiped your cum off my face and licked it off my fingers and smiled up at you. 


Just when I wondered it was over you stood me up gently and brought me to the couch where you lay me down on my back and almost immediately began to fuck me again. The pleasure was so intense I couldn’t keep quiet, this time you didn’t mind it. You hammered me hard and fast for only a few minutes before I felt my body charge up.


“Cum for me babygirl. Cum for Daddy


After hearing that, I came so hard I felt high. Your thrust into me deeply as my body spasmed. After you came out I slowly sat up and upon reflection of myself I burst into tears. You rushed to comfort me and as soon as you sat down beside me, I crawled onto your lap and curled up in your arms sniffling as you held me.




“Yes babygirl?”


“Am I the best babygirl?”


“you are the best babygirl sweetheart,” you said kissing my forehead, “but I really should give you pineapple more often.”

NSFW: yes

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