Step Daughter

So I got out the Marines in 2010 and got with my wife. Been together 12 years now.

She had 2 girls from a previous relationship.

I’ve seen her grown up to a woman now and I cannot withstand.

Idk if she is purposely walking out the bathroom after a shower and her towel is not fully wrapped around her and will walk to her room with her ass out.

I’ve walked into her room and mind you I knock first. I would walk in and she is in her underwear laying down and not caring what I see.

It’s starting to get to the point where I want to pince on her.

Any other guys dealing with this?

NSFW: yes

One Comment

  1. babysmoke93

    Damn that sounds hot. I wouldn’t pounce yet but make sure you’re reading the room right before you do and make a fool of yourself

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