Step daughter pt. 4

We got home and Meghan stripped off her clothes and all but jumped me again, I had never seen her like this , I was on the couch and she straddled me and sunk deep on me , her bum was resting on my stomach and she was just moaning like crazy , I latched onto her milky boobs s as she rode alternating between each, her milk was glowing goid and they were super sensitive, as she rode I put my hand on her ass and my finger immediately penetrated her lil star , she begged me to keep it moving.

After about 10 minutes she really started moaning and announced she was about to cum, she continued to bounce, I continued fingering her and sucking on her nipples and she exploded, her milked sprayed everywhere and her cum flooded my cock, I went about 3 more minutes before erupting deep in her baby filled kitty.

Finally I pulled my finger from her ass and she dismounted and laid back on the couch, legs spread pussy all red and leaking milk dripping from her nipples, just laying there, I got up and stared at her and was amazed how gorgeous it was, her pussy was leaking juices, I licked her clean the she got a shower.

When she came out with nothing on, I told her she looks amazing, she asked if I would get naked too, I ofc. agreed, the only issue was now she could see how she made me feel at all times, when we’d sit on the couch she’d play with me , however I’d also play with her , I love finger her and rubbing her nips and then sucking them get to taste her juices and milk together this continues until this day for the most part.

After about 3 1/2 weeks she started getting contractions, she called the Dr and went in and he checked her out, he told her to time them and call when it hit a certain number in a specific time frame, but about the 4 day of contractions she was ready for this girl to come, her midwife told her nipple stimulation and or sex could cause labor to occur faster, she looked at me and smiled, on the way home she took her boobs out and said begin playing please dad, I need to have this kid, I pulled, squeezed and twisted her engorged nips causing her to cum but unfortunately no contractions, when we got home she sat on the table and told me to eat I ate her through 4 or 5 orgasms and nothing, finally after she rested we went in the bedroom and she told me to pound this baby out of her, I thrusted about 8 times and she started moaning, I wondered she was cumming but she said a contraction, I stopped and she told me to put it back in, just be still, so I did I could feel her kitty contracting on me, finally it stopped , she was uncomfortable but told me to go, and not to stop. We did this several times that night and the whole next day finally on the third day as I was sucking her nips she told me it was time let’s go to the midwife’s office, we get in there and they tell her it’s about go time.

Then the contractions stopped, I played with her nipples and fingered her kitty to no avail. She had multiple orgasms and nothing, finally she asked fur a spa bath, we went into the spa and she got in , before she got in she bent over the tub and told me to pound her really good one more time,I did what she asked and omg, she was so wet , finally I came and she got into the spa, in the spa she started having contractions again this time they didn’t stop, she got out and didn’t even really dry off went back to the room and the midwife said it was time to have this kid, she was in labor about 3 hours before she had the baby.

Pt.5 soon

NSFW: yes

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