Step dad fucked me after catching me with my bf

My step dad has never been the biggest fan of my boyfriends (*which…I guess is why they never last*), but ever since we started hooking up nonstop behind the scenes, his jealousy and animosity toward the men I bring home from school to introduce to him has increased tenfold.

Case in point:

When I invited my newest guy over for an impromptu family dinner not that long ago, he spent the entire time talking guns – *aka a thinly veiled threat* – and when we finally got a few minutes to ourselves at the end of the night, he made a point of coming bustling into the living room to interrupt our make-out session with a bowl of popcorn and the same hardened glare he had been giving my poor bf over dinner.

“You didn’t have to be so mean to him,” I remarked once he finally sulked off and left, having had quite enough of daddy’s childish antics, “he’s honestly a pretty nice guy, not to mention at the top of his class. I wish you would have at least gotten to know—”

But I wasn’t given a chance to get the rest of the words out.

Before I could, Daddy grabbed me by the wrist from where I was standing over his trusty recliner fuming, pulling me into his lap with minimal effort – my comfort zone – and showering my exposed neck and bustline in sloppy kisses as his hands went to work sliding off my panties from underneath my dress.

He was also hard as a rock.

I’m talking completely pulsating, pre-cum and all.

Just like that, I was weak.

Not to mention completely and totally at his mercy.

“Say it,” he demanded, all while continuing to pump the fingers he now had buried knuckle deep inside of me in that way he knew never ceased to make me cum.

I didn’t want just his fingers though…

I wanted *him.*

As in: all nine or so inches of his thick and veiny daddy cock…buried deep inside of me. And of course…his cum, too.

Every sticky drop.

Lucky for me, daddy seemed to read my mind.

In one smooth gesture, he re-adjusted us just right, allowing his cock easy access to slide right into my dripping center.

All in all: it was all it took to make me forget yet another boyfriend my own age.

NSFW: yes

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