Stay at Home Mom [F37/M43] – Short Sex Story

Good Morning,

My name is Sidney and I am 37 years old. I’ve been married to Bob (not his real name), my elementary college sweetheart, for 19 years. As a mother of 4 things can be a bit scattered. We attend a Christian church, and I do believe in God and adore my husband. But, as I’m sure you can tell by my messaging you, I’m unfulfilled. 

The last 10 years have become routine. Wake up at 5 AM, make coffee, get showered, dressed. Make lunches and get homework ready. Wake up Bob and get his clothes out for work. Drive the kids to college. Drive home. Kiss Bob bye and clean. At all times cleaning. Dishes, toys, Stove, the counters, sweep, mop, vacuum, clear the girl’s sink off, begin the laundry. Have lunch if I remember. Pay bills, go to the grocery store, pick up the kids from college, drop off at (insert sport here) practice, Visit the post office, go home, unload groceries, thank (insert friend’s mom here) for dropping off my perfect little demon spawn, begin dinner, kiss Bob hello, help with homework, eat, put food away, do the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, mop, get kids in bed, watch half a show with Bob while I stress the importance of sleep to children that never do, kiss bob good night, take a shower, climb in bed and rest.

A few of these chores have been picked up by the kids to earn some spending money. So in my free time now, I took up a friend of mine’s favorite pastime, Reddit. At first, I created an user account just to follow a few shows, or to read creepy things (I love scary true crime and conspiracy theory stuff, something no one else in the family cares about..especially Bob). Julie though, she showed me a few, naughtier reddits. 

Now, I am a church-going, God-fearing woman. Every Wednesday night is bible study, Thursday is Choir practice, and Sunday is service with a large Sunday dinner usually attended by Pastor Lynn and his wife Samantha and a rotation of the kid’s friends and family or Bob’s coworkers. However, since covid started, that’s changed. A lot has changed actually.


After I had my fill with the creepy, weird, and gory, I ran into porn. LOTS of porn. Like some of the stuff posted on Reddit makes me appreciate the flexibility, elasticity, and proportions of the human body! I’ve seen gorgeous men and women with combinations of boobs, butts, and balls that rival the number of options available to a mister potato head! Tits bigger than my head. Dicks longer than my legs. Dildos big enough to make me feel like a wimp for birthing 4 children! IT’S AMAZING! Then, there are the stories. Oh my LORD please help me!

The stories are good, but the roleplay is better. I lurked for a while and then made an user account to opinion on naughty stuff, pictures, stories, etc. Then I got a chat. A writer wanted to talk to me about why I liked their story. We started talking and after a bit, it got… involved. There I was, in the kitchen, at the table my family eats on, and I was so turned on! I was flushed, sweaty, breathing roughly, and absolutely SOAKED! This guy turned me on more than anyone ever had up to that point. Then he said it…”Are you rubbing your little cunt, baby?” 

Those words hit me like a freight train. Here I was all turned on with no one in the house and I wasn’t taking benefit of it! I had to rush upstairs. I sent him a message back, “no, but I will.”

“Good Girl.”

I actually giggled like a schoolgirl as I climbed in bed. I tugged my shorts and panties to my ankles, spread my legs and reached down. As I did, I saw my wedding ring. Damn you, Bob! I sighed in frustration and tugged up my pants. “I’m sorry, I’m married.” I wrote, then blocked the person. I couldn’t bring myself to do that with someone other than Bob. I put my phone away and went back to my chores, all the while thinking about that phrase, “Good Girl.”

That night, when Bob came home, the family sat down, ate dinner, and talked about our days. As usual, no one asked about Mom’s day, but that was okay. We finished up, I did the routine, but this time, when it came time to watch TV with Bob, I dragged him upstairs. “Honey, I want to watch it!”

“Shut the fuck up, Bob!” I said, blushing a bit. I didn’t swear back then.

I closed the door, locked it, and tore off Bob’s clothes. I sucked his dick like a woman possessed! I had done it when we were younger, but these days, bj’s were quite rare. “Sidney, I’m gonna cum!” Bob grunted, trying to be quiet against the cacophony of slurps, gags, and gulps coming from me. I tried to deep throat him, but he isn’t particularly big but boy did he love it! He blew his load and I swallowed byevery drop! First, swallow ever! He gasped and repeated, “Wow babe” about 40 times. I kissed him, which I think surprised us both. I don’t know if it was the kiss, the sloppy blowjob, the fact the kids were just down the hall, or maybe a miracle of God, but Bob was still HARD!

I climbed on top of him and fucked him like the woman I had been pretending to be just a few hours earlier. Would she grab her tits? Yes. Would she bounce on his cock as hard as she could? Yes. Would she talk dirty? You bet your ass she would. The flurry of words that came out of me would have gotten me canceled on HBO! But the piece de resistance was, “Am I a good girl, daddy?” 

“Yes, baby!” Bob grunted.

“Tell me, daddy! Tell me I’m a good girl!” I panted.

“Good girl! Such a good girl! D-Daddy’s good girl!” he moaned.

I lost it. My fingers dug into his fleshy beer belly, as I bounced. My pussy gripped him tighter than a kung-fu grip, and as he began to cum, I honest to God squirted. The first, real, non-self achieved orgasm of my life. My world exploded. I bucked and humped until I collapsed on his chest, exhausted, drained, and for the first time, in a long time, sexually fulfilled.

Now, this would have been amazing, except for the fact I apparently did my impression of a fleet of fire trucks passing about 4 feet away. We had about 30 seconds before we heard, “knock knock knock, Mom are you ok?”

Bob at all times thought what got into me that day. Still haven’t told him. I wondered our sex lives changed a bit from then on. We would play a bit, talk dirty, even tried to cosplay for him, but it never gets close to that night. After a while, I stopped trying. Until I went back to Reddit.

I started to fantasize a lot, and I started to write them down. After a while, I made a new username. Here, under this username, I write dirty things. They are pretty dark but also super fun. I chat and message people, building worlds with them and creating characters just to turn them on like that writer did for me. After typing all this, I can say that even when you don’t expect it, you can at all times discover adventure. 



NSFW: yes

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