Sorry, Daddy

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“A Rough Anal Sex Punishment Short”



Nikki is a bad girl. She gets caught attempting to shoplift by her stepdad, and still continues to defy him. She thinks her daddy won’t make a scene in a crowded store, but she underestimates just how forceful he can be. He drags her into the changing rooms with the intention of disciplining her in a way that she’ll never forget.


“Nikki, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” a harsh whisper said behind me, making me jump. I immediately snatched the lipstick out of my purse, and put it back on the shelf where I just taken it from. Then I turned around to face my stepdad.

“Nothing” I said, doing my best to sound innocent. I couldn’t believe he’d caught me! I was usually so good at this, how was it that my stepdad, who never usually took an interest in anything I did, could spot me shoplifting from across the store?

“I saw that, Nikki” my stepdad hissed, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me over to the far side of the store “which means that they must have seen on CCTV. You’re an idiot, Nikki. I can’t believe you’d be so stupid!”

I looked at him with a neutral expression on my face, not showing any signs of remorse for what I’d done. I could tell that angered him further, I felt safe in the knowledge that he would do anything rash inside this crowded store. My stepdad was deputy mayor, so I knew he would go to great lengths to avoid any sort of public display of drama. As long as I was amongst all these people, I was safe.

“Look it’s just a lipstick” I whispered, trying my best not to smirk “it’s the same sort that you and mom got me for my 18th birthday, but I ended up losing it. Come on, it’s not a big deal.”

“It is a big deal” my stepdad said, keeping his voice low although he was clearly angry “once they check on CCTV you’re screwed. The best thing you can do is go and confess right now!”

“Confess to what?” I said, indignantly “I didn’t do anything. There’s nothing to confess!”

“It was the intention, Nikki” my stepdad said, looking around the store to make sure that nobody could hear what we were talking about “just go and confess or so help me…”

“What?” I spat “you’ll ground me? You’ll take away my privileges? You’ll moan about me to mom like you always do? I’ve heard it all before, so why don’t you just give it a rest and save your breath.”

With that I turned on my heel, intent on walking out of the store. I knew that my words had cut into him, I knew that he must be seething with rage — but I also knew that he wouldn’t risk making a scene in this public place. I smiled triumphantly as I began to walk away from him.

But my smile quickly faded as I felt his iron grip around my wrist. Then, he began dragging me back across the store.

“Hey” I said in a loud whisper, suddenly nervous “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Teaching you a lesson” my stepdad hissed, dragging me through the store and towards the changing rooms “I’ve had enough of your shit, Nikki. You’re a disobedient little bitch, and you need some discipline!”

I was shocked by the words that came out of his mouth, and momentarily rendered mute. He’d never spoken to me like that before, and I was totally taken aback by the venom in his voice. I opened my mouth to shout at him, but I realised that if I started to make a scene, then they would definitely check CCTV footage to see why this domestic incident came about in the first place. Then I’d be in for it. I had no choice but to follow my stepdad, dumbly, as he led me into the changing rooms.

Quickly, so that nobody saw, he shoved me inside a cubicle and then slipped in after me, closing the cubicle door behind him. I was shocked and terrified by his strange and erratic behaviour, and immediately sat down on the little stool that was in there, looking up at him with wide and terrified eyes.

“I can’t take this type of insolence from you any longer, Nikki” my stepdad hissed, squatting down in front of me with his hands on my knees. I flinched at his touch, but felt an unexpected twinge in my abdomen as he touched me. It was strangely intimate, and far more intense than I had expected. He locked eyes with me, and then gently cupped my chin with his hand.

I gasped, but allowed him to direct me up from a seating position, so that I was stood before him. He didn’t take his eyes off me, as he began to stroke my cheek gently.

“You should know better” he whispered, and then all of a sudden his lips were on mine. It was all happening so fast, and I went weak in his arms as he kissed me. It came out of nowhere, and I was so shocked by what was happening I felt my legs buckle and my heart begin to pound in my chest. He stopped only momentarily, looking down at me for a second and regarding me with blazing eyes. “Now, don’t you make a sound” he whispered, obviously conscious that there were other people in the store “I don’t want to hear a thing from you, no matter what I do. You need to be punished Nikki, I hope you understand that”

I felt my heart to a somersault in my chest, and although I was scared by what was happening I nodded slightly. I couldn’t believe I was submitting this easily, but I felt like I had no choice. He was my stepdad, and I’d wronged him. I had to pay the price. I just didn’t realise the price would be so high!

My stepdad smiled cool smile, and then reached out and pinched my nipple hard through my shirt. I wince in pain, but did my best to maintain eye contact with him. Then he reached out and pinched my other nipple even harder than he pinched the first. My eyes began to water, and I felt my breasts beginning to throb in pain. His smile widened. I couldn’t take it, and before I knew it I was gasping and squeaking in pain.

“I thought I made it clear that you weren’t to make a sound” he whispered, his voice as cold as ice. “I’m so disappointed in you. This is going to be easy. Well, maybe not for you”

His sly smile unnerved me, so I cast my eyes to the floor. I couldn’t help but notice how strange I felt at his words. I felt icy cold fear travelling up my spine, and I did begin to shake, but I also felt a strange kind of desire it ignighting deep within me. It was all so sudden, and the confusion, fear, and humiliation multiplied together in such a way that made my pussy begin to dampen.

My stepdad reached forward and grabbed me, holding me by the scruff of the neck as he kissed me once more. Then he spun me around quickly, and pressed me up against the cubicle wall. I winced in pain, but did my best not to make a sound. He placed his hand on the back of my head, and applied pressure until my face was crushed against the wall. I felt so utterly humiliated, but also completely exhilarated at the same time.

My pussy was positively trembling now, and I knew how surprised, and possibly disgusted my stepdad would be when he reached underneath my skirt and felt my wetness. I didn’t care though, all of this torment was obviously building up to something — I just wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to take out his huge cock, kiss my slit, and then stuff it up inside until we both exploded.

But my stepdad obviously had other things in mind. I felt his hands on my arms, pulling them behind my back so that my wrists were pressed together, he then bound my wrists with something, it felt like his necktie, before slapping me hard on the ass and causing me to wince once more. I did my best to turn my head without him noticing, but it was so difficult because I was pressed so firmly against the wall. I leaned backwards, turned my head and he slammed me forward s once more so that my face hit the wall. I bit my lip and tried not to make a sound.

“What’s the matter” he whispered “you want to watch, is that it?”

He was obviously referring to the fact that I could now see our reflection in the changing room mirror. It was exhilarating and disturbing, seeing myself pinned up against the wall in that way, and observing my stepdad’s huge erection bulging in his pants.

“Kinky little bitch” my stepdad grunted, and then lifted up my skirt to reveal my succulent round ass in its bright red thong. He looked at me in the mirror, and an evil smile spread across his face. Then he raised his hand, and slammed it down against my bare flesh with such force that it took all of my energy not to cry out. My ass stung, and I could see pink blotches beginning to form on my skin as he continued to spank me. Humiliation flared up inside, as the realisation of what was actually happening hit me. My daddy was spanking me! He was spanking me like I was a naughty little child. I stared in shock, unable to believe what I was seeing in the mirror.

In fact, I was so entranced by what I was seeing, I didn’t notice my stepdad undo his zipper. Nor did I notice him take out his huge hard cock, and begin massaging it behind me. I was too transfixed watching myself being punished this way, too self absorbed to notice his huge hard member, erect and ready to assault.

It was only when I felt the hard tip pressing against me that I realised what was actually happening. I gasped, and my stepdad chuckled as he applied more pressure. I looked in the mirror, and my eyes grew white with fear and apprehension. My stepdad had the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life! It was thick and long, and pre-cum was already leaking from the end. It was clear how excited he was, but I couldn’t help but feel a flash of shame as I stared at the picture in the mirror. I looked like such a silly little slut, and I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to punish me.

“Daddy’s little girl needs punishing” my daddy whispered in my ear, teasing my wet pussy hole with the tip of his prick “but she better not make a sound!”



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