Sorority- The hazing of Jessica (FFF18-22) D/S, CFNF, humiliation part 6

“Lets see…. Hmm…… What would Jessica like? I know!”
Sam reaches in and pulls out her first toy.

Oh god.

“From what Max said last night, I’m thinking this is right up your alley.”
She holds up a glass butt plug with a black base. A skull decorates the bottom. A representation of Sam’s style.

“Open your mouth.”
I hesitantly do as I’m told. Sam walks over, leaning down as she places the plug in my mouth.

“Good girl, Your going to want that to be nice and warm when I use it to stretch that cute little butt of yours.” She says with a playful grin. I suck it into my mouth. Thinking of where this plug has previously been. Knowing where it’s going.

Sam reaches down and pulls my panties up to where the ropes are tied to my knees exposing me to the cool air. I look between my legs, seeing how wet I am in the reflection of the mirror. Seeing the marker that’s left on my ass from the night before, and my asshole that is waiting to be stretched.

“Ok, make sure that plug is all nice and wet for me,”

I move my tongue around it. Trying to get it as wet as I can before Sam reaches down and takes it from my mouth. She then kneels down by the side of the bed. As watch as she brings it down between my legs. I gasp as the tip of the plug enters me. I feel, and watch as my hole begins to stretch. Sam’s other hand reaches between my legs and finds my clit, gently rubbing it as she push the toy slowly inside.

“yes” I moan.

The pleasure overrides the pain, I watch as I reach the widest point, and then moan as it slides in, My hole closing around it. The black skull a looking back at me in the mirror. Sam places her fingers on it. Pushing against the base, letting me feel the pressure change with the rhythm of her fingers

“You like that? Does that feel good in your ass?” Sam asks, already knowing the answer

“It feels really good.” I moan waiting for whatever comes next.

Sam reaches back in her box. She then walks over to the wall and plugs something into the outlet by the base of the bed.


Sam stands up with a devilish grin. Vibrating wand in hand.

Oh god. I have seen these a ton of times in porn but never used one. They seem intense…

I gasp as Sam lays it down onto my clit. My back arches. The vibration radiates through me. The glass plug even seems to vibrate. which intensifies as my muscles clamp down on it.

Oh no.

I try to close my knees to escape from the intense pleasure that’s starting to create. The ropes are too tight. I can not.

My hands try to discover a weakness in the ropes. I tug but it only makes them dig into my knees.

“No…St..Stop” I beg as I try to wiggle away.

Sam ignores my plea. She keeps the vibrator against my clit.

I begin to panic as I realize I’m really stuck. My muscles start to shake a little. I look at the mirror and can see my pussy begin to pulse. A little bit of white liquid rolls out and onto the face of the skull.

“Please… no… I can….”

Sam smiles as she flips the switch. The change in speed takes the breath out of my lungs. My body stiffens as my eyes go wide. I look at Sam.

“Oh my god It looks like you already going to cum are you going to cum all over my sheets? Disgusting.”

I am gonna cum and there is nothing I can do about it.

“Go on, look how disgusting you are.”

She reaches her free hand up grabbing my hair and pulls my gaze to the mirror. Forcing me to watch what I’m about to do. I see as my face turns red. the muscles in my neck tighten and face tighten like I’m pushing. My breathing becomes shaky, making a little snorting sound as struggle to control it.

“There you go. look at that stupid face you make when you cum.” Sam says as she starts to use her hand to wiggle the vibrator on my clit as it buzzes.

I try to beg but its just mumbles through shaky breaths.

“Go ahead, let it out slut.”

My body starts to convulse, but Sam holding my hair makes me see it all. It starts off as a little. Liquid starts to roll down my ass cheeks. Some hitting the vibrator and spraying of it. The plug moves as it starts to push its way out.


As the plug starts to slide out my pussy squirts, splashing the mirror. The plug gets pushed out and falls onto the bed. I see the my ass gape as its pushed out before closing.

Sam takes the vibrator off of me as I lay there shaking. She grabs the now soaked plug and shoves it in my mouth.

“Taste that, then its time for you to get a taste of me.”

NSFW: yes

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