Sorority- The hazing of Jessica (FFF18-22) D/S, CFNF, humiliation part 5

I’m awake.

My eyes squint while they adjust to the sunlight seeping through my blinds. I take a look at my phone and see it’s 11:30am.
I slept about 12 hours and I still feel exhausted. I sit up hands on my knees as the reality of last night starts to creep in. I look down at the marker still written on my chest.

I was hoping that it was just all a dream. That it was something my sick mind conjured. The damp towel on my floor removes any doubt from my mind. Last night happened, things will never be the same.

“Good morning.”

My heart nearly flies out of my chest as I jump out of my bed. My head snaps I’m the direction of the voice.

“Sam? Jesus fucking Christ you almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Aww did I scare you?” Sam says with a giggle. “Everyone else went to run some errands, so I though I would stay behind and keep you company.”

“Umm….Thanks?” I say trying to be polite as efficient. Confused as to what the fuck she is doing in here. Was she watching me sleep?

“Mhmm, no problem” she looks at the floor

I just stand there awkwardly. Not sure what to do. What does she want?

“So did you sleep well?” She asks.

“Yeah. I slept ok I guess.”



Well this is awkward. Could be worse though. At least she isn’t bringing up last nigh…

“Like to sleep comfortable huh?” She asks as her eyes move up and down my body.

“What?” I ask as I look down. Realizing that I’m standing here in just my underwear. The bra I was wearing as a hat last night sitting in my hamper. I quickly cover myself with my arms.

Sam walks over and places her hands on my arms. “It’s ok. Let me see.”

I slowly and reluctantly let my arms fall as she guides them to my sides. Revealing my naked breasts. Sam leans back to get a good look. I can feel her gaze on my skin.

“Kate doesn’t know what she is talking about they look perfect to me.”

“Uhh.. thank yo….”

Sam steps forward, grabbing my hips and pulling me into her. She leans in and presses her lips to mine. Shocked I pull away eyes wide.

“It’s ok Jessica. You want it. I know you do.” She says. I swallow hard as I just look at her. She pulls me back in before pushing me up against the wall. Doesn’t matter if I want it or not. I really shouldn’t.

She grabs my wrists as I try to fight her advance. She pins them to the wall. My breathing increases as she looks into my eyes. She leans in, and this time I meet her. I need her. Her tongue slips in rolling dancing with mine. She pulls her lips from mine before making her way down my neck. Planting a kiss every inch as she moves down. My nipples could cut diamonds right now.

A small moan leaves my lips.

She lets go of my wrists and reaches down, grabbing the waist of my panties. Pulling them to guide me. She leads me to her bedroom. Pushing me onto her bed before locking the door. I sit there waiting. Thinking about what she wants to do to me. What I want her to do to me.

She goes to her closet. Grabbing a box and sets it on her dresser.

“Hmmm let’s see.” She says as she rummages through the contents of her box.
Finally turning to give me a devilish grin as she shows me what she found.


“Lay back. And pull your knees up.”

I obey, laying back looking at the ceiling. Sam grabs my left wrist and loops the rope around it before moving to loop it around my knee. Tying them together. She then extends the rope, pulling it up and around, wrapping it around the bars of her metal headboard. She pulls it tight. Forcing my knee, and now trapped hand, to lift up toward my chest. She then repeats the process for my left side. leaving my legs spread wide, knees pulled up, exposing everything if I wasn’t still wearing panties.

“Mmmm almost ready. Just one last thing.”

She walks over to her standing mirror that it hanging on her closet door. She lifts it off the door and brings it over to the bed. propping it up and angling it to where I can see myself. See myself exposed, helpless, At her mercy. Light panic starts to seep in. What is she gonna do to me? My pussy wet in anticipation.

“I’m going to make you watch. I want you to see what you look like when you cum. The faces you make, They’re adorable.”

She walks back over to her box, reaching inside.

“lets get started.”

NSFW: yes

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