Sorority- The hazing of Jessica (FFF18-22) D/S, CFNF, humiliation part 3

“Go on lick it up”

I stair at the floor looking at my mess. I hear no waver in Max’s tone.


“No. I know you want to do it. You like this right? Acting like a dog in heat. You can’t even help yourself.”

I wince. What do I say? She just watched me cum. I knew she was there, I even looked into her eyes as I did it. But now I can’t bring myself to look at her. The look of disgust on her face. The result of my shameful deeds. What am I supposed to say? That I did like this. That I can’t help myself.

Tell her the truth?

Max walks over to me. I can feel her breath on the flush red skin on my neck as she whispers.

“Do it Jessica. Lick it up”

“No…” I whisper shaking my head.

“Here let me help you” Max walks over and leans down. Grabbing my panties I removed when I came in here to change. She then returns in front of me. She drops them right at my feel. I watch as they fall slashing in the puddle, the color turning darker as they soak up my juices.

She takes her foot and sets it on top of them. Using my underwear as a Mop. Dragging them back and forth across the floor, saturating them. I can hear the squelch as it seeps between her toes.
She leans down and picks them up. Drops falling to the floor as they drip in her hands. What is she doing?

“Look at me.”

I shake my head. Refusing to look up.

“Look at me now! You dirty whore!”

My eyes raise to meet hers. Compelled to obey her. Even though she is an inch shorter than me I feel smaller.

“Good girl now open your mouth.”

Oh god.

I shake my head no. Keeping my mouth closed.


“Please….” I whimper.

She takes her free hand grabbing my hair. Tugging it backwards. A small Yelp leaves my lips as she cranks my head back and down, bringing me to my knees. The cold wet floor beneath me.

I look up at Max as she stands over me. My mouth opens. I submit. Max slowly brings my panties up, holding them above my gaping mouth.

Oh fuck

The first drop of my now cold squirt hits my tongue. I watch as max smiles. She squeezes her hand as the juices fall. Wringing out the panties as I feel my mouth start to fill. I gag as it hits the back of my throat spitting some out. My nipples harden as it rolls out and down my chest.

“Keep it in your mouth.”

I hold the rest in my mouth. Letting it puddle on my tongue. Tasting myself. Max was right. I do like it. My hand moves between my legs. Finding my clit. I shudder as I begin to rub.

Max leans down looking into my eyes as I look up at her showing her how good I’m being holding my cum in my mouth for her. She spits, letting it slowly fall. Dropping it right into my mouth. Mixing it with the other fluids.

“Now swallow”

I gulp it down. The mixture of us both.

“Oh my god you actually swallowed it! Well there’s more, you don’t want to waste the rest”

I lean over putting my face to the floor. I moan as I stick out my tongue and drag it across the floor. My finger move from my clit and push inside of me.

“You love to lick it up don’t you?”

“Yes Max.” I say between licks.

“Say it.”

“I love licking my cum off the fucking floor.”
I say as I begin to feel the tingle. pleasure building with each lick and drag of my fingers across my gspot.

“Awww look at you. Touching yourself again……. Pathetic.”

I am pathetic. Desperate. I need this.

I lap it into my other hand before laying my cheek on the floor to brace myself. I reach around rubbing my hand in between my ass cheeks. I slide a finger in, followed by a second. Stretching my ass. Feeling my fingers press against each other through the walls.

“Are….. are you playing with your butt?” Max asks while she walks behind me.

“Oh my god you are! Disgusting.”

I whimper. As I pump harder. Sticking my tongue out pressing it to the floor. As my legs start to tremble.

“Can I cum?”


“Please Max can I cum.” My muscles begin to spasm. I can feel my ass grip my finger with every pulse.


“Please……. Please…..”
My eyes begin to roll back as my toes curl.

“Oh god I can’t.. plea……”
My legs begin to shake.

“Use your ass to cum.” Max says as she stands back to watch.

I slide my fingers out of my pussy. Pulling my hood back to expose my clit to the cool air. I pump my fingers in my ass.

My breathing stops as my eyes go wide. I grunt as I begin to cum. Watching as the white liquid rolled out of my pussy. I slip my fingers out feeling my self gape as a push the rest of my orgasm out. Leaving me a wet shaking mess.

After my brain reboots I look back at Max who is now sitting on my bed.

“Go shower all that cum off you and come down stairs. Its time you go see Kate.”

She gets up and leaves me. Alone in my shame.

NSFW: yes

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