Son helps lactating mom

When it comes to lactating, my mom is a fountain of milk. My mom had me when she’d just turned 18. Then she had a really unexpected pregnancy in her mid thirties. A guy she worked with. Not surprisingly that’s when dad left.
My mom wasn’t a dream girl but she was a girl next door type. Kinda like Sandra Bullock type but down a few notches. Pretty good looking. Average everything except she had big boobs that hung and bounced and although I think she wore a bra, they bounced like crazy and erect nipples at all times and that brings us to wet spots at the nipples.
About a month before my sister arrived the milk was flowing. Not really anyway to stop it I guess, so the first time it happened we were out eating somewhere. I said mom and I point down. Front of her shirt was soaked. I gave her my jacket and we left.
She was screwed. Couldn’t stop it. It would begin and they’d drip like taps. She’d be on the sofa with a towel and saying “ouch”. I guess when it’s backed up it hurts. These days her tits were out in the open at all times at home. They were swollen and had visible veins headed to the nipple.
I asked her what she could do. Not much, breast pump then toss it out.
I was sitting beside her. Curious I stuck my hand out and got a sample on my fingers and licked it. I liked it, a lot! I told her it was great. She basically said if you want, it’s all yours till baby comes.
I said let’s try this. A tried to get my head in a position where it worked. What worked was how it looks when you’re breast feeding a baby. Whatever. She cradled my head and alternated tits. At one point I just spit out what I had cause I couldn’t keep up. Then I started sucking the milk out and squeezing the other breast at the same time. This squirted milk all over but it was a release. She was really liking my nursing on her tit but so was I. I drank a lot of milk. Then I went to the other one and sucked. Her nipples were different than they looked before. Really long. Anyhow I really sucked on the other tit and the first one was stopping all together. I guess I sucked too hard cause she let out a scream. Sorry mom. I’ll ease up. Enter a new part. Mom was thanking me and started running her finger under my waist on my pants. Umm, mom. That’s kinda freaky.
So now I’m like on some kinky feeding schedule. Whenever her tits were ready she’d come feed me. This is weird, but I like it. My face was all the time coated in breast milk. Then my mom began having nipplegasms for lack of a better word. She’d shiver a then groan loud.
Depending on the position she was feeding me she’d squirm her thighs around.
She was getting ready to have the baby so this came to a stop.
After she had the baby and breast fed her and weaned her she was still a milk fountain. And came to me for help.
Way different without the baby bump. She’d come into my room after she put the baby down and get onto of me naked, dangle her already dripping tits in my mouth. Now things were much different. She was horny now, really horny. It was like this. My face was wet with milk and she was soaking my crotch with mommy cum.
As much as I knew this was incest ,fucking her had crossed my mind years before.
Faced with all of this I just went for it. We would fuck and I’d breastfeed for hours.
After a couple months it all stopped.
She quit leaking and I guess our sex life was no longer a taboo turn on. The fantasy played out.
We had a couple last grand finales where I came all over face and called her my slut. She ground her pussy into my mouth and said eat my cunt fuck toy. The last time we tried anal and it was fantastic. As a final sex act she fingered my prostate and sucked me off. First and only time for that.
Years later we simply never spoke about it.

NSFW: yes

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