Something different part 5 – Short Sex Story

I waited a couple days before using the key. Now that I had access it was too easy. Her texts weren’t ignored but I didn’t respond. It had to be a surprise now. I wasn’t without some suffering myself. We had been together every day for 2 weeks now I was waiting. On Wednesday I decided to go over after work. I had been thinking about what I was gonna do all day. The fib got me in the front and I took the elevator to her floor. It was right after work so I hadn’t showered or had dinner or anything. Frankly I was covered in sweat and hungry.

I entered her apartment quietly. She wasn’t visible at first. Her desk was in the living room and I could hear her typing. My boots were off so she couldn’t hear me walking up behind her. First I grabbed her tits from behind. She jumped and screamed. I had taken my cock out previously so it was pointing straight out. She turned around just as I was pushing her down on her knees. This time being gentle or loving wasn’t in the plan. My dick went straight in her mouth. As gorgeous as she was her mouth was just another hole. I don’t know why it was different but it was. She looked scared at first but rallied quickly. We had locked eyes while she took me deep. Her skills were on display like I hadn’t seen before. I was just pounding her face in a way that would have made me uncomfortable before.

“Stand up and turn around slut

She did without saying a word. I buried my cock in that wonderful pussy. Some people like it tight but I don’t. There should be some room so you can really pound it. It took a couple strokes to discover a rhythm and it was smooth going then. This was all her idea so I didn’t hold back. I only did what felt good to me and that was deep dicking that cunt. Surprisingly even to me I kept going for quite a while. She was screaming by the end. Her pussy was constantly gripping my dick for at least 15 minutes. When I finally came deep inside her I just stayed until I got soft. My cock came out followed by a massive stream of cum.

“Will you stay tonight?”

I just turned and walked out the door.

NSFW: yes

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