some good good loving

Her back against the wall, one leg on my shoulder, the other below, the perfect spread as Im deep in her.  Looking deep at her every time I glide in and out of her, her labia stretched and beautifully milking me, her hood cusping her plump clit as I draw  circles on her, gliding in and out, gorgeous cream all over my shaft a sight of lust and love..

 Pure undeniable passion all over,  sights, sounds and gorgeous smells that bring it all together, I turn her around now, so wet and glistened that I easily slide in her from behind, we are in ecstacy, she against the wall, her palms flat on the fall, trying to grip as I go deep in her, I thrust deep in her clenching every muscle as I pound harder and faster, I see her tip toe, and back on her heels, moving, grinding making me hit every spot in her gorgeous pussy.. 

We are close, we both know it, she creaming more than ever, our glides even quicker, my veins pulsating and my head throbbing, we need to look at each other as we cum.. I lift her and turn her around, her legs wrapped around me as we are eye to eye, I pound slow, low, deep and upward, her gorgeous breasts against my chest her hair over her gorgeous eyes, I see her moan, her grip tightens as she screams and shudders, her walls tighten milking me as we cum hard together.. I fill her as we both shudder in joy and love.. I slowly drop her as she licks me clean, I kiss her again tasting our love and lust…. Dirty, Nasty, love..

NSFW: yes

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