So I date a Stripper

After my first time at a club, I made my way around clubs in NJ and Atlantic City area. But I could not get Falone off my mind.

So, I grabbed a bro and headed to the ho. We got to Lookers in FMY on Friday. I had already called her and made a date for the club. She wanted to meet there and if we hit it off, we could go to the hotel.
I walked into the smokey, nasty smelling club and was immediately attacked by the latino girls. But I pushed them apart looking for my Falone. Then I spotted her. She was sitting on the lap of an older man, her brunette hair beautiful down her back. The guy was rubbing her butt and trying to sneak a finger in.

She saw me looking, assumed I was the guy, and came over. She was so above the class of the other girls. Very intelligent and knew what she wanted. I just handed her $2,000 and off we went to the “champagne” room. Again, she wanted another $200 for the manager to let us do what we wanted. Ok, $200 more.

After basic how you been talk, she asked what I wanted. Around the world girl. Again, that was more than the $2 bands I already gave last time and had all the world to explore. Another $500 and she was set.

She danced and seduced me for two songs. Then took off her top and began the action. At first she rubbed her nipples in my face and then grabbed my head and forced me to suck. She quickly was moaning and rubbing herself. I could see her fingers were wet and tried to lick her finger but she said later. I adjusted by seating and she began dry humping my already hard member.

I let that go for a song and then undid my pants. She helped and grabbed me before I got my underwear off. She rubbed my dick on the lips of her pussy and let the juices flow over me. I so wanted to slide in, but she said to be patient. That was not easy but she finally slid down and began to ride. No condom just raw dog all the way. I enjoyed her ride but I wanted to take her from behind. Jumped up and turned her around. Her legs covered in her juices. I slid back in. Her amazing ass shaking and legs trembling. I never pumped so hard and so fast and she begged to finish her O. No baby, I have another destination. I pulled out and spit on her balloon knot, rubbing my own juices on her ass as I prepared to enter.

She relaxed and I slid in. Her asshole so tight and her moans so sexy. She pushed back and helped my movement. That was it, I exploded in her ass and she spun around and sucked the last drops down her throat.

We met three times that weekend and I ended up moving down from NJ. Finished my degree and got my sensible job. Falone began working as a Sugar Baby and escorting while we bought investments together. Luckily some older guy fell for her and he has paid all our bills for almost two years. She isn’t having to dance and I guess he has ED and no sex is involved. He even bought her a condo, which I live rent free in. While I bang her ass nightly and fill her mouth daily. All while gramps thinks they are in love and he even gave her a G ring. She can’t leave me, I own her now.

NSFW: yes

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