Sneaking my friends ex into work – Short Sex Story

Some people have asked for a follow up to my first story, so if you haven’t read it I suggest you go give that a read first. Now I was asked to give more detail so I’ll try my best. As I said before I’m not a story writer, I’m just sharing my past experiences.

So I’m currently 30 and she’s 29. I’m a pretty full bodied bearded guy with long hair and she’s a nice 150 curvy girl. She’s not thic but has a nice hourglass figure. She has a great heart shaped ass and a wonderful triple D cup. In my comment she has the perfect body.

So anyways, this was back in 2011. This was about a couple of weeks after that first encounter. Since then I would go pick her up after my graveyard shift and we’d go shopping or hanging out at a park just making out. We’d go places where people we knew wouldn’t go during times where people we knew where either at work or college. It was hot but you can see how it was also a bit of a hassle. So I had the idea to have her say she was gonna spend the night her cousins place then I would pick her up at bring her to work with me.

So you for to find out what was job was, let me explain. I worked the graveyard shift and a trucker parking lot. We would charge for parking by the hour. I worked alone in a small little booth, where there was one a stool, a register and a restroom. The restroom was actually more spacious than the area I spent most of the time in, but we’ll get to that. During graveyard no one would be around and company was usually pretty dead. I would actually take my laptop to watch movies because it was so boring. Apart from that I had disconnected the only camera in the booth when I first started there because I would hot box the booth as well.

So the day comes where I she’s gonna tag along, now my friend (her ex) was actually working there too because I had got him the job (something similar happens a couple of years later but that’s a story for another time) he was in the same work position as me and was working the evening shift waiting on me to get there to relieve him. So anyway, I pull up to her cousins house, the only other person that knew what was going on and covered for her. She’s comes out to meet me and my jaw dropped as I watch her walk out on a fishnet leggings with a short punk rock skirt and a loosely buttoned up shirt. I was so turned on but also a little nervous that she would catch a lot of the attention of the truckers coming in and out. That quickly escaped my mind as she got into my truck and gave me a deep hello kiss. I told her how sexy she looked and she replied saying she wanted to discover something to wear that I would like. Mission accomplished. So we drive off and eventually pull up on the road where I work, I explain that her ex is currently in the booth waiting on me so she agrees to hid in my truck till he leaves.

About 10 minutes pass and she comes walking my way. It was a windy day and a gust of windy happened to blow up her skit right as a trucker was pulling up. He horned his horn and she quickly pushed it down, she embarrassely quickly came into the booth as I chuckled at her and told her “what did you expect?” She played punched my arm and told me to shut up.

So after about a couple of hours of me showing her what I do, and even letting her tend a few out going trucks at the window while the unknowing drivers view is blocked of my lifting up her skit with a ruler we had thrown around. Things started getting fun when the work died down. I had switched off the lights while we put a movie on my laptop, she sat on the stool and I stool behind her with my arms over her shoulders. During one of the times she turned to me I leaned to thr side to kiss her, and she kept it going. With the dark windows and lights off no one could see inside the booth so I knew we were safe. I ran my hands down her body and she spun the stool to face me as we kissed. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me in as i began to unbutton her shirt and kiss down her neck. I had my hand on her ass under her skirt as I kissed and nibbled on her neck all while she felt my growing hard on through my jeans.

We were quickly interrupted when we saw the headlights of an on coming truck. She went into the restroom(which I made sure to clean the night before) while I quickly tended to the truck. I then opened up the gate to let trucks freely drive pass and put out my “closed” sign. I then opened the restroom door to see she had layed out towels and was sitting on the toilet on a towel with her legs open, rubbing her clit, motioning me to come towards her. I close the door behind me and walked up to her to fully open up her shirt while she undid my pants to take my cock out so she could shove it in her mouth. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this at work so I was very turned on. I pulled off her shirt and tossed it on top of the sink as she looked up at me sucking me off. She looked so sexy in her colored hair and glasses with her massive tits barely being held on by her bra. I put my hair behind her head after tosses my shirt off, pushing her head towards me making her gag on my cock. After pleasing me for a while I make her stand up and turn her around, lifting up her skirt and giving her ass a few good spanks before pulling her panties down and bending her over the sink. I teased her pussy with the tip of my cock and could feel how wet she was. She told me how hot all this was and turn towards me with a simple “fuck me”. That was enough to make me lose my mind and roughly grab her and shove my cock into her and trust into her like a mad man. This was the second time we ever been together like this, the feeling of new lust along with the feelings we had for so long before made me forget where we ever were. I pulled her hair and slammed my cock into her making her loudly moan and scream. I grab her and sit on the toilet lid with her on me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, she pulls her tits out of her bra as she bounces on me. I look up at her smacking her ass and grabbed her tits to kiss them as I feel my load building up. She rolls her hips, driving me wild and I tell her om gonna cum. She leans down to passionately kiss me while breathing “cum in me” as we kiss. I can hear the trucks driving by outside as I thrust into her rougher and faster as we making out. I tell her I’m gonna cum and she replies with “cum in me daddy”. That was enough to make me blow my load, deep in her. She moans out and continues kissing me and riding me for a bit longer before collapsing on me. I kiss her neck to tell her how much fun that was.

We clean up with some towels and got dressed. Threw the dirty towels in my truck to wash later and she goes to lay on my truck while I go clock out an hour early so we can go park in an empty parking lot somewhere to fuck again in my back seat. We both came a couple more times in my truck before I finally took her back to her cousins and I went home to shower and sleep.

Hope this story didn’t run too long and my poor writing skills weren’t too bad. Maybe I continue to the next time we got together again a couple of years later if there’s interest. Feedback is welcomed.

NSFW: yes

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