Sluttiest thing to do?

So I have been thinking about how slutty I can be. I came up with this poll because I wondered it was the most taboo thing I could do.

I recently started dating someone and if you guys vote for it, I could try to seduce his dad and get into his bed. (22f) (45m)

I could also try to fuck his single brother. (22f) (25m)

I could get some action from my best friends dad. He has fucked one of her friends before so they never spoke again, but I want to keep it secret. (22f) (47m)

She has two brothers. One of them is younger and I think is a virgin. (22f) (18m)

She has an older brother as well and I might have a shot with him. (22f) (27m)

And my weed dealers dad has walked in on me and him in the garage. If he is clever he’ll know he is missing out and will jump at the opportunity to get with me. (22f) (41m)

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NSFW: yes

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