Slowly becoming more sexually liberated from my job

I’ve been waiting quite a lot to confess this because it could get me in trouble. But I’m planing to leave my job soon since I’ll move to another country so, nothing to fear now.

Even if I’m a fluent English speaker, I might have some trouble in the writing part so bare with me since it’s not my main language.

I’m a former Disney Cast Member and I’ve played as different characters, must of them, princesses.

At the start it was unreal the amount of guys that tried to hit up on me. It is more common than you might think.

Some of them are just verbal and some others actually get physical by touching and spanking. Sometimes they get caught by staff and get warnings but some others they just get away with it.

It is quite annoying. And I had to suck it up for months.

Time started passing by and one day a family came in. Mom, dad and two little girls.

dad was so good looking, tall and muscular but not super big or jacked, enough muscle to be marked. Nice outfit, nice beard, he was such a DILF.

I was for the most part interacting with the wife and daughters while he was taking pictures. But then they switched, dad came in while mom was taking pictures.

He smelled so good and was for the most part very wholesome, but after a while he finally found an angle, wife was distracted speaking with a staff member and he went for it.

We both were crouching. I was speaking with the girls and I suddenly felt the most agressive and hard ass grab I’ve ever had since I started working there.

My heart was beating super fast and I just gave him a nice smile. Nobody noticed and not only that he got away with it but he grabbed my ass a couple more times, not as hard or evident as the first one but he was going for it. He also grabbed me by the waist while taking the pictures. It was annoying as usual but it wasn’t hard to suck it up this time.

The interaction finished and I wondered it was over … But a couple hours later, they came back.

dad convinced the kids to go and see me again since they weren’t getting another chance once they leave.

And this second time, not only that he touched me again but he slided into my costume something.

I waited till one of my breaks to understand what was all about. I was very excited to understand and the wait was worth. It was a hotel key with the room number written with marker and the card itself already had a printed map for guests to easily discover the hotel.

That night I arrived home and I had so many questions and doubts.

First I was concerned about my safety. If I go Am I gonna be ok? What if they try to do something? And the kids? How much trouble I can get in?

But it was a nice hotel, not luxurious but it was on a good zone, there was security and after some thoughts, this stopped to be a fantasy and started to be more of a possibility.

I had more questions, just like: When should I go? Should I try to inform first? Does the wife knows? How about the kids?

He was so handsome, I was so horny. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the situation and after a long time, finally decided I was taking my shot.

I decided I was going there that same night since I was afraid of they ending their vacations and losing my chance.

I went to the hotel, went to the room and even if I had the key I still knocked the door.

The guy opened the door, we made eye contact a couple seconds and we just started kissing. It was wild and nasty, the most messed french kiss I had, all happening on the outside of his door.

I entered the room while kissing just to realize it was just him.

So while we were slowly undressing I asked him for his family.

He said that he snores when he sleeps and that annoys her wife so much that everytime they go out, they order a room only for him.

So he’s wife was just a couple rooms near and she didn’t had a clue.

He fucked me so hard that night. I don’t think I’ve spreaded my legs that much for someone before. He used me like his little doll.

He was the definition of size doesn’t matter, is how you use it. I was really expecting a hung gigantic dick.

I fully undressed him and it was … average. I wasn’t really disappointed. It was curved and uncut and those are really turn ons for me.

He was hairy and I really like that. As I said, I wasn’t disappointed, I was concerned about the size. That wasn’t the biggest one I’ve taken.

I just gave him a BJ and I really wasn’t bringing my A game.

But as soon as he went in … That man was an artist. He literally started using me as a doll, moving my body and putting me in positions I’ve never seen or heard.

My only regret was not telling him to take off the condom. He was hairy and his abs were so hard and he had that V thing that at all times kills me, he destroyed me, he rearranged my guts.

I was a little bit ashamed because I sweat a lot when I do excercie. This was no exception, I started sweating and I apologized.

He told me that it was one of the things that turned him so much. It was like his main kink, so the more sweaty I was, the harder he was fucking me. He set the AC to the minimum and we both started sweating.

To this day I don’t know if that was true or he just told me that to make me feel comfortable, but either way it worked.

Overall it was a perfect combination between whispering to my hear while fucking me, licking my face while on top and just spanking and pulling and slapping me.

It was 100 to 0, from erotic to berserk. And it was perfect. I was licking his abs and chest and it was salty and hairy it was sexy.

He asked for a rimjob and he had to explain me because I wasn’t getting it.

I could do an entire post about this encounter, man even his tit sucking game was on point. Overall ★★★★★.

After the best sex of my life. He told me I could stay until 6:00 am of the next day.

They usually had breakfast around 8:00 but he needed time to prepare himself.

Since I was already there and wanted to feel more adrenaline, I just stayed there, hoping for his wife to discover me next morning.

It didn’t happen. I just slept with him, and next morning we kissed again (a lot) and I gave him a blowjob and to this day I’m still proud. I really put a lot of effort, I sucked him so hard and produced so much saliva.

It was a redemption blowjob. The first one I gave him, it was a little bit off. I really was expecting an unrealistic gigantic porn dick.

So after proven the size doesn’t matter and literally been given the best sex I’ve had, I needed to redeem myself.

My ass was red and hurting so much from last night but he keept spanking me and oh did I enjoyed it. He really turned me into his fuck doll. He was asking me to say things like I was his slut and tbh I did everything what Daddy asked for.

Sadly after that I never saw him again. My dumb horny ass didn’t asked for his number or anything.

I really was thinking on the experience, in what would happen if I got caught, I couldn’t believe what happened, it was on a rush, I really didn’t though about getting his contact I had so much going through my mind. I just wanted to kiss him and touch him.

I had to work for the next days till night so when I finally was free again, I went to visit him again but they weren’t there anymore.

Even if I never saw this guy again (I tried so hard on FB and IG hoping to discover a Disney public picture or something I could track) I wasn’t over.

His wife never found out. And I don’t know how often he cheats on her, but I can confirm he’s way out of her league.

She’s super meh … but anyways.

I loved the experience, everything. Since the moment I was fearing for my safety, to when I decided to leave my house, the encounter and the aftermath. The feeling it was so good.

I really wanted to repeat it. And since I couldn’t discover him …. Well I had to try with someone new.

At that point it was easy. Go to work, wait until someone tries hitting up and if it was good looking, I’d try my best to play along.

You won’t believe how innovative and determined this horny guys can be.

Keys to their rooms, Gifting candies / little toys with their contact inside, and just guys saying their IG outloud to me.

I started hooking up with one after another. Husband’s had priority but I didn’t mind going for anything as long I was attracted.

I had a couple girls too. And I had different experiences. Trios, Cheating, Singles. I saw a lot of weird kinks, from the guy that couldn’t stop licking my feet, to the one who oiled me, and a lot (A LOT) wanted me to roleplay as a princess, even buying me crowns and heels.

Wouldn’t mind sharing a couple experiences in the future if you really want to read them.

As I said, sadly I’m leaving my job soon, I’m moving from USA, but that leaved a mark on me.

I’m actually and addict and even if at first I was just picking the good looking guys. Now I really open my legs to anyone.

Everyone is so different on bed, I really enjoy discovering new stuff.

I’ve sucked all types of cocks. All sizes, shapes, colours. I’ve wildly kiss everyone on the spectrum, guys, girls, trans

You don’t have any idea the variety of people that come to the parks and the amount that hit up on me.

Of course out of all my characters, there are ones that are more trendy than others. The less clothes they have, the more attention I get.

At this point I actually enjoy getting touched by strangers.

And it’s weird because one of my biggest turn offs are kids, I can be horny but I’m not a psycho.

So I can go from 100 to 0 and vice versa in no time while working.

The only sad part is that I’m not able to pick by myself… I have to wait till someone picks up on me and try to stay in character. It really does have it’s cience behind but it’s not impossible.

Every ass grab, spank, waist grab, “accidental” boob touch, even the guys that try to smell me and my hair, leg touch. I really enjoy that and it makes me horny everytime.

And I’m so horny I’ve been thinking about exposing myself on Reddit, showing my dirty body. Probably I’ll begin soon but, I had to take this out of my chest.

I discovered this sub a few days ago and I saw a couple guys saying that that jerk off while reading confessions and man does that turned me on.

I did a couple small test post to see how it worked and I’m so horny, so excited, I can not wait till I self term at my job. I had to confess now.

NSFW: yes

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