Sloppy seconds

Sloppy seconds (and more) with old GF

Like some posts I’ve read on other threads, I’ve at all times had a gigantic desire (kink) to eat a pussy that’s recently been fucked. But I knew it would have to be by someone else – not by me – because I immediately lose that desire after I cum. My wife now is too traditional for this sort of stuff. But a while back, I found myself single. Had a past GF who must’ve still had a thing for me, but she was in a relationship that apparently she wasn’t totally happy with. We bumped into each other a few times and made small talk, caught up on things, enjoyed talking. Then she started texting on a fairly regular basis. Talking about what she wished she had in the relationship and what she was doing, how things were going. Friendly and innocent enough stuff, or so it seemed.

Then she graduated to telling me when she was going out on dates with him, or if he was coming over, or about weekend trips they might take. Still seemed fairly typical, except we were getting back into the routine of being comfortable. It was very easy.

But then things took a bit more risqué turn. She would text or tell me exactly what they did, or were doing, or were gonna do on their dates and trips. Very graphic texts! That got real interesting. She quickly picked up on the fact that I was getting turned on by her escapades and on my enjoyment of hearing about all her many sexual adventures with him. And just maybe she was making the point about what I was missing by not being with her? She would be texting me, then all of a sudden I’d get nothing for an hour or so. Then she’d suddenly reappear via text “sorry haha, we just fucked on the couch/bed/porch!” Or whatever their location was. And she especially loved to tell me after she’d just gotten fucked that she was “full of his cum”. She quickly picked up on the fact that I was getting turned on by her sex stories, that I liked hearing she was full of cum, and the sexts became more frequent and even more “informative”. This went on for weeks and I really loved getting those texts from her. She was more and more forthcoming with details about all their fucking and her blow jobs, she must have known she was setting the hook. Things like “he walked in and fucked me on the sleeping bag in the middle of my den.” Or “he’s got a nice thick cock, but he cums way too quickly, I wish he’d last longer.” And “tonight was a double play! A load in my mouth (BJ’s are her favorite) and a load in my pussy!” She told me how much she loved to make him cum using her mouth, and how good the feeling of his cock spurting his cum on her tongue felt! Once she even told me about ducking into a stockroom at work and working over his thick cock until he quickly blew his load down her throat, which she gladly swallowed! Right at work!

One night it was probably 10 o’clock and I get what was becoming a regular normal text, and she says “just fucked him and I’m full of his cum again, just the way I know you like it!” But this time she adds “why don’t you come over NOW?” Woah! “He’s just gone home (He lived in another suburb), I’m full of cum, and the coast is clear if you want to…”

I pondered all the implications of her offer and invitation for a quick minute. And yes, headed (RACED) over to her apartment across town. She met me at the back door in black panties and a T shirt, and nothing else! We started making out and kissing right by her kitchen door, and while I was deep kissing her it occurred to me she’d more than likely had his cock in her mouth too, and those lips I was kissing, and that wondered just heated things up more! Then she silently took me by the hand and led me up to her bedroom. We went in to her room – which still had the scent of sex and the bed was totally a wreck – and then she laid back on her bed with just her panties and a T shirt on. She motioned me over to join her.

At this point, I realized I was gonna check off a couple of bucket list items: sloppy seconds and eating a cream pie made with some other dudes cum! I was beyond excited as I started kissing her feet and toes, slowly working my way up from there. There were wet spots on her bed and wet spots on her panties. I put my face and nose right on the wet crotch of her panties and inhaled the scent of her sex and his cum mixed together, which was earthy and amazing. I probed the wet spot on her panties with my tongue. It was perfectly clear she’d been fucked. I loved all the sights and smells of sex in her room and bed and body. I quickly pulled down her wet and sticky black panties and marveled at her glistening and slightly swollen and red just-fucked pussy that was right in front of my face, with small droplets of cum still leaking ever so slightly! My mouth and tongue found her little piece of heaven and licked and slurped away, enjoying the concoction of her juice and his sperm. It was simply fantastic! And while this was taking place she would be telling me how she’d JUST been fucked a little earlier in the evening before I got there, and asking me how I liked eating her pussy that had just been fucking another guy, and got filled up with HIS cum? And how did I like licking her pussy that had JUST had another man’s cock in it? After eating and enjoying the smells and tastes of her delicious cream pie for quite some time, i slowly moved up and kissed her. We tangled up in a lovers embrace and my cock slid easily into her creamy wet pussy for sloppy seconds, and I ended up adding my cum (I didn’t last any longer than him I was so turned on!) to whatever was left of his that I didn’t get!

This scenario was repeated many times and many different methods over that summer. The “crossover” of her fucking both me and him lasted about 2 months before she broke things off with him. I was surely enjoying those sloppy seconds and the cream pies he was helping make for me with her, although I don’t think he ever knew. But they were some great summer memories.

Part of the fun for me was hearing of her sexcapades that she was eager to distribute in almost real time, the sluttiness I felt and mild humiliation of her telling me she’d just been fucked by his gigantic cock or sucked him off and swallowed his sperm right before I got there, and knowing that she was full of another guys cum! And – did I know I was eating his cum from her pussy or tasting his salty cum in her mouth? (Of course I knew, but I loved her verbalizations!) Her occasional reminder to me that his cock was big and fat compared to mine, and even if he sometimes came too quick, he still filled her mouth and pussy with a nice big cock and lots of cum. She also confessed that she loved making 2 different cocks cum in her in one night, and loved having the sperm of two men in her pussy and mouth. She loved having me eat her creampie because she said he didn’t do oral sex to her. And I knew I had made the right decision to follow up with my kink and take her offer of letting me eat another man’s cum from her pussy, and fuck her when she was full of his cum. She indulged my creampie kink many more times that summer, to my delight! A real sexual high for me and I think for her too…

NSFW: yes

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