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Myself (20F) and my bf, have been swinging for awhile. I’m an attractive blonde with tanned skin. For the last couple of months we have been meeting a certain guy on a regular basis. He is a good looking, light skin black guy with a nice 9 inch cock. I really like him.

Last Saturday we decided to go to a local park on a picnic. We got a secluded shelter. I stripped down to my bikini and laid out in the sun as my bf grilled out. We called our friend and he decided to join us. The plan was to finish the picnic and head to a hotel for some fun. Well things got out of hand. Me and our friend started kissing.

A minute later I was laying on the seat section of the picnic table as he pulled my bikini bottoms off. He got between my legs and started fucking me. My bf got out the camera and wanted a pic or 2. As he got in position to see the action He got a surprise. We had at all times used condoms in our play. He was fucking me bare! I am not on birth control and I was ok with it.

A few minutes later he slammed into me and held his cock there as he unloaded . He has cum on my face and tits before so I knew he is a very heavy cummer. After he pulled out I could see and feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. My bf couldn’t help it, he was so hot he didn’t let me clean up. He got between my legs and slid inside my wet pussy. WOW! My pussy felt like it was on fire. Sloppy and wet! bf didn’t last long before he came inside me also. It felt great!!!!

NSFW: yes

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