Sleepover (MFF) Pt. 3 – Short Sex Story

After some time went passed, Eve turned to look at Paul who was touching himself as he watched us kiss. She guided me closer to him and got on the couch again. I was just standing there as she sucked his cock a bit more. Before too long, she grabbed my hand and pulled hard to my knees in front of Paul.

I was surprised by the tug as all her actions thus far were very gentle, but that pull was anything but. I braced myself on Paul’s legs and was inches away from his fat cock. Eve then grabbed my hand and had me grip him.

I instantly started moving my arm slowly and enjoyed his cock as I looked between Paul and Eve. They started making out as I tugged on him.

Eve eventually moved lower with me and sucked her husband off as I kept my hand moving. I felt a pressure on the back of my head as Paul had reached for me. He moved my face next to has balls, and I took one of them in my mouth. His head swung back and he let out a deep moan.

Eve and I were gonna town on him and there was saliva everywhere. I couldn’t tell you what had come over me. I felt like I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, but I definitely didn’t want this to stop. My fingers were deep in my pussy as I continued to lick and suck the base of Paul’s cock and sack.

Eve got up, disrobed, and laid back on the couch watching us and playing with herself.

I took this moment to take Paul’s cock in my mouth. He was so thick that I could only take about half of it in my mouth. I kept sucking as Paul moaned and pushed my head down further and further. My eyes were watering, my pussy was drooling, and I was gagging on his pulsating cock. Eventually I came up for air, and before I could catch my breathe, Eve jumped up and sat on Paul’s cock.

Her pussy swallowed his whole. I couldn’t believe it, but between her juices and all the spit, there was plenty of lube. She road him hard and fast as she let out loud screams. Clearly they weren’t concerned of waking their daughter and having her discover them playing with her friend. It made me wonder if I was the first.

While riding him, Eve grabbed me head and pushed me down by his balls again. I continued to lick them as I was splattered with spit and cum. She rode him for what seemed like forever. Constantly screaming as her husband fucked her good and sucked on her subtle breasts.

Eventually Eve got off of Paul. Her pussy gripping him the whole was up. She turned to me and removed my shirt without any resistance from me. It was already covered in spit anyways. She lifted me to my feet and we started kissing once again. I could feel Paul’s hands on my legs as well.

She guided me to the couch as she laid back and I fell on top of her. We continued to kiss as Paul was nearly standing over us, rubbing and grabbing at our bodies.

Eve pushed my face down to her breasts and eventually her pussy. I had never eaten a girl out before, but I don’t think she (or I) could tell. I licked her clit as I used my hands to massage her pussy and drove my fingers deep in-and-out of her smooth, soaked, fucked pussy.

Without realizing it, I had left my ass straight up in the air. I was ready to be taken, and sure enough, Paul moved my soaking wet thong off to the side of my ass and teased the entrance of gapping pussy with his cock. My pussy was begging him to fuck me.

I could feel him entering me as I continued to eat out his wife. Her hands on the back of my head, and his rubbing my ass as he slot proceeded deeper into me.

He began to thrust into me as he grabbed my hips tight, pulled on my thong, and smacked my ass repeatedly. I couldn’t help but lift my head and groan as he started fucking me harder. It felt like a football was going in and out of me. I couldn’t even tell if I was taking the whole thing of not.

Eve got up and had me lay on my back. Paul removed his cock from me, and I was already missing it. Eve then climbed on top of my and licked me while her pussy was centimeters from my face. I eagerly joined her and continued to lick her.

Paul got in position for more, and I could hear Eve choking and spitting all over his cock. But only for a moment or two until I felt him enter me once again.

I could feel everything and nothing all at once. The stimulation from Eve licking my clit and Paul pounding my gaping pussy was intense. Paul was fucking me so good, Eve sat up, directly on my face, I felt Paul lift my pelvis up into the air, and then it happened.

Finally, I felt my pussy take all of his cock. After 20-30 minutes of being loosened up, I finally felt him break past my tight barrier, and I engulfed his entire thick cock has he pressed hard into me. I clawed at Eve as I screamed from underneath her. Paul paused with his cock fully in me, rotating his hips.

I couldn’t stop squirming, and was nearing climax. Paul didn’t even move, but Eve started to eat me again, and I came all over them. I was squirting like never before, and the second I started, Paul began fucking me deep again. He took maybe 3 slow strokes before he was fucking me with the full length and girth of his cock.

Eve got off of me and stood behind her husband. He continued to pound my pussy like he was rabid. I was still squirting and screaming, their couch and floor completely soiled. I was being primitively breed by my friend’s father. I couldn’t get enough. I forgot where I was, I couldn’t have cared less, the elation was far greater than any concern I previously had.

I could feel his cock swelling as I continued to be used by Paul. His wife’s hands on him as she motivated him to fuck me harder. My screams were quiet shrieks at this point and were completely drowned out by the sounds of my gushing twat being demolished.

Without much warning, Paul let out long groan of his own, I could feel my womb being filled with warmth. Paul’s thrusts were slower and less forceful. He finished me off with a dozen or so long strokes. I was easily taking the length of his cock, and there was fluids pouring out of me.

When he finally pulled out, his cock smacked against his leg. I didn’t tighten up even a millimeter. I slowly sat up as Eve and Paul shared a kiss. Eve let me know that they were off to take a shower, and that I could join them in the master bedroom or that their was a guest bathroom down the hall I could use.

I was still in shock, so I told them I was all set, and that I’d use the guest bathroom. Eve nodded, told me breakfast would be on the table at 9:00, and walked away. Paul lagged behind her just a moment, said thank you and that I was wonderful, and continued to look my way until he disappeared into his house.

I sat on the couch for a few moments longer before collecting myself and stepped off to the bathroom. I showered, returned to Olga’s bed, climbed in next to her, and fingered my pussy until I came again.

Olga still doesn’t know, and I don’t think she ever will, but I certainly will never forget..

NSFW: yes


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