Sleepover (MFF) Pt. 2 – Short Sex Story

Later that night, Olga and I went upstairs, got ready for bed, and went to her room. I was just wearing a large t-shirt and a comfy thong. Olga, work a tank top and shorts, and passed out immediately. We were both feeling pretty good after the beverages, I guess it hit her a bit too hard.

I wanted some water, so I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some. On my way back, I could see Olga’s parents making out in the living room. Paul was shirtless and his hands were inside Eve’s black-lace nightgown. Eve’s hand was definitely working on something as well, but I couldn’t see over the couch.

I paused to watch them, and I was getting hot just watching and imagining what I couldn’t see. But as I was daydreaming, Eve spotted me, whispered to Paul, and quickly put herself together. I walked back to the kitchen and pretended to get more water.

Eve came over to check on me, again just explained I needed a drink. She put her arm around me and guided me to the living room to relax for a little bit.

I sat down on the loveseat next to the couch as Eve got comfortable next to Paul again. We chatted, talked about work, college, etc for a bit, then Eve asked me if I had a boyfriend. I explained that I did not, but that there were quite a few handsome boys at college that I was interested in. Then she asked if I wondered her husband was handsome.

I was a bit thrown off, but stuttered out a “Yes, of course”. She smiled and rubbed his chest. She told me that they both wondered I was very gorgeous and that they were happy Olga and I got along well.

I spoke very highly of their daughter, and then as conversations settled, we all watched the TV for a short while. I noticed Eve was massaging Paul’s “leg”. I couldn’t stop staring. She was just slowly stroking him as I was right there in the room.

He was unfazed, almost professional as he simply watched the TV, but Eve was watching me watch them. She must have been turned on from the audience, because she stroked him faster, and eventually put her hands in his pants. She continued as she finally had his attention too.

Paul started to kiss her and was about to feel up his sexy wife when he must have realized I was still there. He looked at me and nearly jumped from his seat. Eve told him to relax, and that I didn’t mind.

She continued tugging on him a bit longer as they both looked over at me, then Eve asked Paul to stand up and take his shorts off. He did with slight hesitation, but took them off regardless.

Eve watched my reaction as Paul’s cock made its appearance. It jumped out of the top of his shorts as he pulled them down to his ankles. He was pretty long and VERY girthy.. Even his balls were hot. They were large and hung very low. I must have been salivating, because Eve massaging her breasts before Paul could sit back down.

She continued to jerk him off as Paul opened up her nightgown. She eventually laid on his lap and wrapped her lip around his cock.

It was the hottest thing. I was paralyzed and was sitting with my hand between my crossed legs. I was touching myself, but my legs were doing their best to stop me, they were failing.

After only a minute or two, Evelyn got up and confidently walked over to me. Her nightgown was completely open and she was so fucking hot. I’m not super into girls (or at least I didn’t think I was) but she was a WOMAN. There wasn’t a flaw – or hair – on her body.

She grabbed me hands and guided me to stand. From there, she kissed me deep and dove her tongue down my throat. I was deep in ecstasy and holding on to her in fear of falling over. I could smell and taste the musk of her husbands cock on her lips. I must have been dripping wet.

NSFW: yes

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