Sister in law [32M / 30F] – Short Sex Story

About 10 years ago, the wife and I went to her brother’s house for a poker game. He and his wife had a few people over. We were all drinking and playing poker. A few left the table which was upstairs in a loft above the living room where everyone else that wasn’t playing went to hang out. 5 of us remained at the table. Myself, my brother in laws wife and 3 others. My brother in laws wife was really drunk and keep leaning over on me and when she folded her cards she would want to see my hand and just kept on leaning and getting close. Usually her hand went to my knee when she leaned over and she would squeeze my leg and stuff. I had on shorts and boxers, and the last time she leaned over she just kept her hand on my knee. Talking and laughing and not acting like it was a big deal. This was all under the table out of sight from everyone. Suddenly she slid her hand up my shorts and grabbed my bare penis under my boxers. She still didn’t act like anything was going on, continuing to laugh and talk to the others. My dick immediately reacted becoming fully hard instantly. Already a little excited about her touching my leg and rubbing up on me. She slowly stroked and squeezed me for about 20 seconds and I came in my boxers and on her hand. Always, nobody knew anything happened. I ” accidentally ” spilled a beer on myself and used that as an excuse to go clean up. To this day, we’ve never discussed it, she’s never acted any different towards me, and I honestly believe she was too drunk to even remember.

NSFW: yes

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