Sissy Abduction – Short Sex Story

Trigger warning: non-consent, graphic details

It was yet another sleepless night. I was staring at my bedroom ceiling with my stomach tied into a knot. A glance at my phone told me there were exactly 47 minutes until the alarm. I dreaded that moment.

10 hours of slaving away at a restaurant, taking insults with a smile on my face, and dodging calls from debt collectors. The rent is due on Friday. I need good tips to pay for it. I started to feel nauseous and closed my eyes for a minute and the alarm started drilling into my brain.

Still half asleep, I opened the bathroom door. In the bright, pale mirror light I was looking rather ghastly. I could use a glow-up day at the spa. Christ, I’d kill for it. I examined my slightly swollen eyes with heavy, dark circles, brownish roots on my platinum-blond hair, and dry skin. Definitely, I could pretty myself up, but I was still convinced nobody could guess. I had a little secret. Since I moved states and cut ties with my family I dressed and behaved like a girl, but I wasn’t born one.

I sat down on a toilet and looked at the wall silently. 8:25 am. I have 15 minutes to leave if I want to make it in time.

You’re not coming home tonight
The day was finally over. I was exhausted and sweaty when I grabbed my jacket and left the restaurant. It was dark outside. The area I lived in was far from safe. I all the time carried a pocket knife, but I knew very well that it won’t do much if someone was to attack me.

After I took a turn into an empty and dim-lighted street, like I do every day, I noticed a car that was following me. The driver slowed down and pursued me, apparently wanting to intimidate me. My heart started racing and I could hear the blood pumping in my veins. The car followed me for a minute or two until a window finally opened. I heard whistling and disgusting laughter.

━ What an ass! Need a lift babe?

I peeked over my shoulder. I recognized two sleazy men in the car. They spend the whole evening

in my restaurant. Bastards must have waited for me to finish my shift. They both looked like drug

dealers, gigantic and covered in tattoos. I ignored them and continued to walk, but I was on the verge

of fainting.

━ I won’t repeat twice, little slut! Get in or I’ll stop being polite.

I bit my lip and kept going forward, but I could not hold tears anymore. Then, I heard one of them

getting out of the car. In less than a blink of an eye, I felt hands all over my body and froze.

Fuck Dan, it’s a fag! You won’t believe it, she has a cock, for christ’s sake.

━ You idiot, that’s how you pick your whores? Who’s gonna pay for this? Quickly, do something before someone comes here.

I felt something heavy crashing on my head.

2. The kidnapping
I woke up in a dark cellar lying on a dirty mattress. My hands were tied on my back and my pants were pulled down. The pain was unbearable. It radiated, pulsating from my ass, which felt as if it was torn aside. I could feel something disgusting and sticky dripping from down there. I felt paralyzed and it took me a good few minutes to be able to move even an inch.

As soon as I made a move, I felt an excruciating pain in every bone of my body. Christ, what have they done to me? My asshole felt loose and sticky. Suddenly I started coughing. My lips were swollen and hurt. I realized I couldn’t breathe properly, as there was so much fluid in my mouth and throat. It tasted like blood and cum. I slowly lifted my head and looked around. It was a damp and cold room with no windows and walls covered in mold and filth. The only piece of furniture, if you can call it that, was the mattress I was lying on. It stank like a dead animal. I gathered all the willpower I had left and raised my head a little bit higher. I looked down at my body.

As I saw what they turned me into, the suffering that was already intolerable increased tenfold. I was bleeding from my intimate area. I started crying frantically, and apparently, that reminded my perpetrators about their prey. When I heard footsteps in the corridor my heart stopped for a second.

NSFW: yes

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