sis fingers me in front of family – Short Sex Story

so we were chillin in the livingroom on the couch, there was our mom and brother and we were all just talking and hanging out.
her and i were covered with a blanket and next thing i know her hand is on my thigh.
i dont think much of it until she puts it under my underwear.
she rubs my slit, almost exploring my pussy
i adjust myself so she can feel more
she does.

she slips her finger between my lips and continues rubbing all the way up above my clit and down below my hole (which at this point is leaking)
she does this slow for a few minutes and then quickly shoves her fingers inside me
it took everything inside me to not moan or make a noise
she started bending her fingers and hitting my spot
i covered my face with the blanket
“lola, you alright?”
i heard my mom say
i looked up and nodded
her fingers still hitting my spot and she wasnt slowing down
“are tou sure?”
“yes mom”
“dont be a brat i was just making sure”
my sister giggled and repeated ” yeah dont be a brat”
i rolled my eyes
she took her fingers out of me
i was relived
i wasnt gonna have to mask anymore..
then she started rubbing that sweet spot above my clit
and i came
i made it as subtle as feasible
but she kept going and i closed my legs tight as fuck
i couldnt let anyone know about this
and then she pulled her hand away and continued with the movie and conversation
later that night we fucked in the living room, right next to our moms room while her door was open!!

NSFW: yes

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