SIL came to visit again this weekend…

SIL came to visit again this weekend…

So it was Friday afternoon my wife messaged me and said her sister would be at our house soon and spending the weekend with us. I wasn’t expecting her but was also excited. She told her to go ahead and let herself in and that I would beat her home. So now my SIL already knew we would be home alone for a few hours.

I arrived not expecting anything I heard the tv on and walked in and didn’t see anyone so I began to wonder where she was. I made my way thru the house and heard moans coming from our bedroom. I peeked in and saw my SIL completely nude on our bed fucking herself with a replica dildo of my dick. She looked at me with flushed cheeks and said mmmm it’s good but you fill me up so much better.

I kept staring at her seeing if she was gonna invite me or just put on a show. She could see my dick growing in my shorts. She said remove them and let me see. I did just what she asked and began making my way to the bed. She said nope you stay right there and watch as I fuck myself. So for the next few minutes she made herself squirt a couple of times and then said ok come here I can tell you need to release some tension. You can’t touch but only fill my mouth up with your cum for now. So naturally it didn’t take long and I exploded all in her mouth and a little on her face. She swallowed it all down and said good job it’s gonna be a fun weekend.

NSFW: yes

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