Sibling rivalry for my c..k

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Amiee was my childhood sweetheart and has all the time been everything that I ever wanted in a girl. Right down to her perfect body and looks she was my queen. I wondered I had everything I desired till the day I met her sister Elissa.
I remember the first time we met feeling instantly aroused by her. she just had a very heightened sexual energy about her.
Aimee had all the time dressed quite conservertively where as Elissa was the complete opposite. She had the smallest little shorts that wrapped her gorgeous little ass.
She was so open with everything Sexual also often making Aimee blush. I was just getting more and more turned on by her.
After dinner when it was just Elissa and I left at the dinner she ducks under the table and hungrily undoes my pants, pulls down my boxers and starts sucking my dick. It happened so quickly i still can not beleive how?
She licks my shaft from the top to bottom then spits on my knob and starts sucking it, deep throating it till almost gagging and gently moaning she then started wanking me with hers eyes fixated on me, faster and faster, then she whispers’ wait till you taste my pussy’.
Then dessert was served

NSFW: yes

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