Showing off in cum

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On Reddit in my DMs I shared with two guys how I’ve shown off being covered in cum twice. This turned them on and honestly made me want to do it again, so I did. I called my FWB from mutual masturbation and we drove to a Dollar General. In the parking lot I sucked his cock. I leaned over from the passenger seat and he put his hand on the back of my head. I let him completely control the pace and I just loved being a mouth for him to use. After a while he finally came on my face. I made sure to let it hit my face and not go in my mouth.

When I was properly covered we went inside. I didn’t clean any cum off my face, I wanted to show it off. We walked around the store for about 15 minutes and I got some looks but people seemed too embarrassed to say anything. Finally I grabbed a bag of wipes and went to the check out. When I put the wipes on the belt and made eye contact with the cashier while covered in cum, he seemed speechless. I really wanted to slide him my number but instead while looking right into his eyes, I used one finger to take cum off of my nose and put it in my mouth. He looked speechless. I then paid for the wipes and left. We chose the dollar general because they already aren’t the nicest place so we knew we could probably get away with it, and we did.

NSFW: yes

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