Shower Fuck

This is the following part to Fucking After a bar Hopping. This is the third part from a fuck session that started with Fucking at the Work Place. Enjoy.

As she’s setting the shower up, I fondle her ass with the intent of keeping my cock rock hard. After daubing her body with cum a few minutes earlier, my cock throbs tremendously. I was in disbelief that round three was about to commence, overall was real excited that we were about to fuck for the third time that day. After she’s done setting the shower, she kisses me passionately while stroking my hard cock, “ready?” she whispers. I nod as she turns the lights off and walks me into the shower. She lights up a candle and joins me right after. We make out lustfully, our tongues slobbering on one another as water rains down on is. I grab and slap her ass a few times. She moans, “fuck! Give it to me” she says. I ignore her plea and instead lick my way down to her DD cup tits. I grab her left tit with my right hand and place it in my mouth. My lust compels me to take as much of her tit in my mouth. I fervently suck on it before releasing and making my way to her other tit. She moans intensely. I rub her pussy before sticking my index and middle fingers in her. “Fuck!” she moans vehemently, “don’t stop, Fuck!”. I can feel her pussy’s warmth, making me stick my ring finger along with the other two into her pussy. I suddenly discover myself fisting her pussy repeatedly. Her body quivers ardently, making her moan out loud. She grabs my wrist and pulls out the hand I’m fisting her with and takes it into her mouth. She covers my hand in her slobber. I pin her against the wall, and raise her left leg. I grab my hard cock’s shaft and slowly slip it into her pussy, causing her to grab onto my neck and release a fervent moan.

I thrust diligently at first, was not ready to cum, moreover wanted this moment to last. I wanted her to know that my cock was the best she’s ever had. Wanted to ensure that she was mine. I grab her neck with my left hand and suddenly discover myself thrusting zealously. “Fuuuuuuck!, don’t stop!, she begs. That loud fuck motivates me to keep going. We kiss passionately again. I grab her chin, “let me see your tongue”, I tell her. She sticks her tongue out, compelling me to lick and suck it before I make out with her. I slow my thrusts down. I can feel her body quiver. I release her leg and pull my hard cock out. Without telling her, she gets on her knees. The running water smears her mascara down her eyes. We lock eyes as she proceeds to take a few licks of my hard cock. I moan in excitement, knowing what’s coming up next. She opens wide, wide enough to take my hard cock’s head into her mouth. My body quivers. She slides her mouth down to my shaft, stroking my hard cock rhythmically from shaft to head with her mouth. She releases, “you like this? You like how I suck your cock?”. “I love it” I tell her as I glean a smile at her. She slaps her tongue with my hard cock before taking it back into her mouth. I can feel her tongue glide all over it. “Fuck” I whisper various times. She strokes my cock with her hand and locks eyes with me again. “You like me being your little whore?” she says. I nod, “you’re my little whore”. After saying that I grab my hard cock and stuff her mouth with it. I begin ramming my hard cock in her mouth. She begins to gag and begging for air. I hold her for a few seconds before releasing her. She pants incredibly. “You still want to be my little whore?” I ask her. She looks at me, grabs my cock with a firm grip and takes it back into her mouth causing her to gag once more. “Hmm, I don’t know” I tell her. This motivates her as she glided her tongue all over my hard cock and puts it in her mouth again. She grabs my ass and pushes my towards her with the intent of making her choke. I grab her hair and keep my cock in her mouth. “You like this right?” I ask her. She nods in agreement making me release her. “Am I your little whore now?”, she asks me as she pants for air. Handless, I brandish my hard cock on her face. I smile, “not yet”.

She sucks my hard cock for a few more minutes. Her tongue glides all over it. She doesn’t forget my shaved balls, which she takes in her mouth one at a time. My hard cock throbs, signaling that it’s time to fuck her again. I get her on her feet and pin her against the wall once more. I lift her leg up, giving me easier access for penetration. After my hard cock’s inside her, I lift her right leg up as well, suspending her in the air as we defy gravity. I thrust a few times. “Kiss me” she begs. She wraps her arms around me, making me carry her while my hard cock remains in her. With all my strength, I carry her and am able to steadily glide my hard cock in and out her pussy. “Fuck, don’t stop”, she says. For once I listen to her and keep fucking her as we lustfully make out. After about two minutes in that position, my hard cock slips out of her pussy, giving me the signal to switch it up. I set her down. I fondle her tits and suck on them as she strokes me, ensuring I remain hard. “Turn around” I tell her. Obediently, she turns and reaches for my cock from underneath. She grabs my hard cock and slides it into her pussy. We discover ourselves in a standing doggystyle position that causes me to have full control once again. With water running down our bodies, I discover myself in pure bliss.

I thrust her rhythmically and fondle her DD cup tits a few times. She moans various times. “Give it to me. Make me your little whore” she says. Hearing her say that impels me to grab her wet hair and pull her head back. I lock her arms with my left arm, giving us support. I suddenly discover myself thrusting as hard as feasible. The reverberating clap we build as my body hits her ass. “Fuck yeah! Like that!” she pants, “don’t stop!”. I thrust my hard cock as deep into her pussy as I can go. Her moans keep me hornier than ever. “I want your cum. Give it to me” she begs. I slow down, I can feel my hard cock throbbing ready to cum. “Fuck, get on your knees…get on your knees” I tell her.

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NSFW: yes

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    As I’m stroking my cock, she takes a few licks of my cock’s head leading her to lick my balls. She takes my hard cock into her mouth and sucks for a minute, helping my cause. I finally feel it. “Fuck, I’m about to cum, here it comes” I moan. She opens wide and prepares to take my load. “Give it to me. I want your cum. Please” she says. I intensely stroke my hard cock. I moan as streams of cum uncontrollably spray all over her face and tits. “FUCK!” I shout as I attempt to catch my breath. At that moment, she grabs my hard cock’s shaft and desperately deep throats my hard cock. I grab into the shower curtain bar attempting to not succumb to her oral pleasure. She doesn’t stop. I can feel her cum filled mouth slobbering all over my hard cock. “Ok! Ok!, you’re officially my little whore” I pant. She deviantly smirks as she holds my hard cock over her face. “Was that so hard?” she asks me, knowing that she’s achieved her aim. I help her get on her feet. She begins to make out passionately with me, when she suddenly says “Round 4?”. She had won this round but I was not ready to fully surrender to her. I grab her hair and start making out with her. “Let’s go finish this off in your bed” I tell her as I lift her into my arms and walk her into her room. I toss her onto her bed. I stand across her mentally preparing myself for what’s about to occur next as she lustfully rubs her pussy waiting for my cock.

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