Should I make her cheat?

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NSFW: yes

More than an year ago, I met this girl in a club. She was short, tanned, thicc thighs, okayish- flattish ass and D cup tits. Talked a bit, got her few drinks and flirted a bit. She was also single, so it was easy to convince her for a quick blowjob in the toilet but good for me, she was DTF. I booked a hotel room, went there and we fucked like rabbits.

It is so funny to me that even though, her tits were the best part about her when we went to the hotel room, I didn’t take her top off because she was ready to go in raw and I was to horny to worry about any STDs so we just started fucking while she was dressed, I clearly remember that we were loud like Hella loud, at times she was literally just scream moaning[ result of this we got some really judgey looks from everyone, the next day when we walked out of the room]. Best part for me, I last about 20-22 mins on average and she lasts only 8 mins, so before cumming even once I made her cum twice and third time we cum together. It was a night out of reality it felt, the sex was too good. We literally just waited 15 mins and went at it again, but this time I took off her top and her Tits were even bigger than what they looked clothed[she definitely wears bra of a smaller size than her tits], they were big and not very droopy and they were real nothing fake. Her areola was medium sized, maybe a bit bigger than medium and her left nipple had a double piercing, I first time saw a doubly pierced nipple[had not seen one even in porn before that day], in a plus shape. She looked hot as he’ll naked, making my dick probably even harder than the first time. We fucked but this time she squirted the first time that day and then asked me take out my dick and just smooch with her for a little while, after that we did anal and God damn her ass was tight. It was not her first time[not even close, my dick went in smoothly] but it was tight and it made me cum so hard inside her ass it was phenomenal. We did it once more after that, she wanted a facial but I barely cum anything so she suggested she can do Golden shower but only if I am hydrated well. I lied to her, I wasn’t so when I started peeing she made me stop in just 3-4 secs and went away, after that day I at all times freaking keep myself hydrated. We exchanged numbers, but we didn’t talk much after that day. We didn’t get another chance go meet cause she lived in a nearby city, not in the one I lived.

Things were going just fine, fast forward a year and i saw her in the same club, she was dressed in a plazo kinda pant and a shirt, so I knew she was definitely not in the same mood as 1 year ago. I went to her and she did recognize me, we talked a bit and she told me that she got a BF now, she then told me that she has now shifted to my city because of her Job and will stay here for the foreseeable future. I couldn’t just withstand myself from asking whether she remembered what happened the last time we met, I mean who could withstand she had those nice D Tits and we had the best sex. She replied, not now babe and then walked away.

I felt like I might have fucked up any chance of any future hookups with her, so I texted her next day about what happened and she told me that she is currently in a relationship so that talk is not the for right now.

Her texts made me think, if she is in anyway indicating that she might breakup with her BF and I knight have a chance. Because we kept on talking and she kept saying things like, my BF is not much into sex so we don’t try things my BF doesn’t last much long, blah blah. Last Sunday, I texted her if she was free for a drink and dinner and she agreed. We met up in a Bar and she was wearing the same skirt as last year and I kept noticing that something was different, her ass doesn’t look like last year. So I commented, your ass looks really good in this dress, she liked my compliment and smiled at it. She sat down and told me that she got implants in her ass few months back because she didn’t like her flat-ass she had earlier. I wanted to say you looked great even earlier, but God damn I couldn’t because this current ass was fire, she literally went from a flattish ass to a proper P shaped ass, going to be very honest Real or Fake that ass looked superior and paired with her Big Tits, she is the best women to fuck all night lol.
We had a typical dinner and she went back, I got a small kiss on cheek while I hugged her.

Her D cup Tits and now her[fake but dope] Hot ass, I cannot withstand I really want to fuck her and she never has pointed out a disinterest in it.

So my dilemma is, should I keep pushing and wait for her maybe she will break up and I can get that A+ ass once again? Or even if there are any chances that she might begin cheating and maybe later breakup after she realizes how much better the sex is with me.

PS: Yes, I am really horny mofo so I will send her pics if you ask me, BUT I dont have any nudes of her, never really clicked pics in that one night we had.

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