Short story info about adult breast feeding.

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NSFW: yes

We had three kids and everyone she had extra milk for me. It all started when she had a clogged duct from our first kid and needed help was in really bad pain. Our daughter at the time didn’t want her latch on or nurse we had to bottle feed her. So my wife got this clogged duct and was struggling. The clog happened I was more than happy to help. My girl all the time has had a thing for her breast being touched and sucked. But this didn’t begin out sexual. I was just helping her out. I got the clog out and just kept going. Drained her fully engorged breast. That first sweet taste hit my tongue and I was hooked. Not to mention the amazing affect of all the hormones of OxyContin. That feeling of love was so intense. After nursing her dry we had some of the best sex we ever had after we both came she had another enormous let down and nursed again falling asleep. After that night things changed dramatically I was all the time there begging for milk. Ready to suckle. We had so much fun. Nursing me while giving me handjobs. Night nursings falling asleep with her boobs in mouth. Passionate love making while nursing. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I saw a post on facepalm with this guy nursing in the background of some dude tazzing himself. Everyone was bashing on the guy in the video and I couldn’t help to opinion how lucky he was. You can guess how that went lol being downvoted to oblivion over there.(I guess adult breast feeding is super taboo to most)I just miss it so much anyone have similar experience? I just wanted to distribute with people who won’t judge me or downvote me. I feel a little shunned. Interesting in hearing or sharing more of my experiences on here if anyone is interested. Dm to chat.

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