Shopping trip paid for (mf)

James (31) and I (23) had a day off together and wanted to go shopping. We are two different shoppers, James, very methodical, in and out. Me I like to take my time, enjoy the experience, treat myself. It was the end of the month and I need a few bits so we went out. James wore his uniform of jeans, a clever plain t-shirt, jacket and trainers. I had no intention of a basic outfit. I knew he wouldn’t want to shop for long so I wondered I would have a little fun with him. I wasn’t sure if it would motivate him to help me more or frustrate him but my plan was to wear a subtle but sexy and revealing outfit.

It is getting close to Christmas so I wondered I would break out my tartan skirt. Had it since I was 14, I probably shouldn’t wear it now as if was much longer on me then. This was the point though! It called for tights as my arse really would be out 70% of the time. I paired it with tight think material roll neck and knee high boots. James was waiting down stairs for me ready to go and as I came down straight away he clocked what I was doing.
‘Are you not wearing a bra?’
I confidently tell him no and walk out to the car to leave.

After an hour of shopping we have what we need but I am not done. I want new trainers and a gym set. ‘We can’t afford that this week, I haven’t been paid yet’ James said. I trotted off to the trainers I wanted and bent over to pick them up right in front of him. This is the first time he has realised I am not wearing any panties. While I am wearing tights, they are very sheer and he has a clear view of my pussy and so does everyone else that could have glanced over. I stand up, turn around and notice James is adjusting his crotch. ‘Nonetheless we still can’t get them’. He knew what I was doing. Well he wondered he did. I said ‘here take my phone and take a picture’ I stood back and in the middle of the isle I lifted my skirt playfully, giving a devilish smile. ‘What’s this for?’ He asked.
‘You will see’ I replied.

I sent the picture to Jack with the caption ‘you don’t deserve this but here you go. By the way I want new trainers and I want you to buy them’.
James looks perplexed but 2 minutes later I get a ping and a notification that £70 was deposited in my PayPal.
‘Right, that’s the trainers sorted, let’s get that gym set’ I said in an excited tone.
‘What the hell’ James shocked just followed me in admiration, and I noticed very much hard too. He is not the jealous type, in fact I think he enjoys the attention I get because at the end of the day, while these men serve me, I am his. That is when he isn’t serving me of course.

I discover the perfect set. I walk towards the changing room. I don’t need to try these on, I have them at home but I have no intention of paying for them and I am now horny. I sneak James into the changing room with me. My favourite sort of changing room where they have curtains and you can all the time see into a little bit. I hand him my phone and tell him he knows what to do. He begins recording as I remove my boots first, then my skirt. Finally I take my roll neck off revealing my 30DD tits to him and the camera. I am standing there now in just my sheer tights, my pussy half visible, really only hiding how wet I am at this point. I blow a kiss and tell him to stop. He sends it to Jack, along with the price of the gym set. Ping! Another notification and another £70.

Not sure who is more turned on by this but James can’t control himself and he pulls me to him. He spins me round, moves my hair and kisses my neck. He grabs at my tights trying to pull them down but instead rips them. I don’t care at this point. I don’t know how but he has managed to free his cock from his boxers and jeans and I feel it against my arse. I reach round and guide the tip of his cock the the entrance of my soaked pussy. I love it when his dicks ribs up my pussy and against my clit but I am so wet it slides straight in after a few seconds. We haven’t to be quiet to not get caught but James begins to fuck me. As he thrusts in and out I he the camera on my phone go off as he sends another picture to Jack. Ping! Later we would figure out he deposited £200 in mri my PayPal. James now picks up the pace and I clamp my pussy onto his hard cock. I feel the tension on his cock create as he begins to empty his load into my pussy.

I can’t try on the leggings now with his cum dripping out of me so we gather composure, get ourselves dress and swiftly exit the changing rooms. As I leave I wonder if anyone notices I went in with tights and left without them. We pay and get out of the store, but before we leave James deliberately drops my purse on the floor and makes me get it. I bend over revealing my bare, cum filled pussy to the shop. If I wasn’t already still so wet this would have made me. I glance at him, he can’t be hard again already.

We get to the car and as I put the clothes into the boot James behind me lifts my skirt displaying my bare arse to the world. We are parked against a wall so few people unless they were really observant would see but never the less I feel exposed. He pushes my head down into the boot and begins to finger my pussy as I am bent over. Suddenly I feel my pussy being stretched. James is now fucking me in the car park. We here a car begin but James only goes faster. The thrill of this public session sends me into over drive and I cream all over his cock and as I reach the height of my orgasm I feel James once again cum in me.

James didn’t want my cum leaking onto his leather seats so before walking to the side of the car to get in he made me remove my skirt so I can sit on it in the car. I now walk round with my bare pussy for all to see. Just before I can open the door and cover myself a car passes by and the driver spots my glistening pussy. The car drive home was equally entertaining as every time we passed a lorry I would get a funny stare and James would often lean over and finger me as he drove

NSFW: yes

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